Monday, 9 February 2009

A quiet Sunday in the Country

Yesterday we broke a tradition of keeping ourselves to ourselves and went for a walk with friends in the flatlands to the South and East of King's Lynn. They live here:

Well not exactly, their actual residence is here:

We got completely lost and had to crawl under barbed wire fences:

..and cross ditches:

....and walk past dodgy looking 4 legged creatures:

To find the secret carpets of Snowdrops:
On the return leg Baz, the oldest member of the party, was 1/4mile behind us as she walked past the bull and stopped to wave to the farmer. The young bull, who had already been wound up by Oz walking past, charged straight through the electric fence, pushed her to the ground and trampled over her chest twice before the farmer reached her. She was badly shaken, as was her previous vetinary theories about how to deal with bulls, but got a lift back to the house with some helpful ramblers.
As the party included other dogs, all of whom were of the female persuasion, Oz was in his element. There was also of course the Lilster....
...there was Cally the feisty young lurcher:

and two lovely lady labradors:

Oz thought he was Jim Corr and was showing off like crazy, taking a particular fancy to Cally and one of the black labs. Here he is chasing her across a deep ditch in flying Tibetan mode:

This what he looked like really:


The Dotterel said...

Ah, so that was you was it?

Liz said...

Was the lady who was trampled not injured at all? Sounds like a thoroughly nasty experience.

Little Oz is so cute!

john.g. said...

The one on the right?

Richard said...

Oz is 160?

Dave said...

As Mrs Merton famously asked Debbie McGee, "So, what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?"

KAZ said...

Wow - GO Oz.
I suppose we'd have 'leaping Lil' as well if she could be allowed off the lead for long enough.
Soon be time for those lessons.

Betty said...

Is Cally the lurcher attempting to hypnotise the photographer?

Geoff said...

I'm always a bit nervous when walking through fields of cows just in case one of them turns out to be a bull in disguise.

Z said...

You have to watch out with cows as well as bulls if you've got dogs with you. A woman was killed near here by a herd of cows while she was dog-walking last year. Sorry to be a dampener. I hope Baz wasn't badly hurt.

Rog said...

Dotterel: Welcome to Norfolk. We only saw farmers shaking fists - where were you then?

Liz: Baz was basically OK but off for as check up - she's very intrepid. Baz, Oz & Liz - some connection there I think.

John: He thinks he is.

Richard: Centimetres round the tummy, yes.

Dave: Sadly Oz doesn't have the money. Or the looks.

Kaz: I'd love to let Lil off lead at Yarmouth Dog Track - after betting a few bob on her. Fortunately Oz has no inkling that he's off for lessons tomorrow - he's not going to be best pleased I fear. (Kaz, Oz, Liz, Baz....mmmm)

Betty: I see what you mean. She was always sticking her nose into other people's business as well.

Geoff: I normally walk round fields of horses and sheep I'm such a wimp. Baz did have a story about a sheep farmer killed by a ram though.

Z: Baz is OK. The electric fence had failed and once the bull touched it he knew he was going to have a go - it was the actual bull in the picture which I'd snapped on the way past the first time. I don't stop to check tackle with any four legged farm animal.