Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A Shrove Tuesday Quiz

Alright it's Wednesday already... nobody will care.

Can you spot the ODD ONE OUT from the following list of people and say WHY?

1. Lord Stevenson - Former Chairman HBOS

2. Andy Hornby - Former Chief Executive - HBOS

3. Sir Fred Goodwin - Former Chief Executive- RBS

4. Sir Tom McKillop - Former Chairman - RBS

5. John McFall MP - Chairman Treasury Select Committee

6. Alistair Darling - Chancellor of the Exchequer

7. Sir Terry Wogan - Presenter Radio 2 Breakfast Programme

If you can't wait, just put your cursor over the word ANSWER below.
If you can wait just leave your answer in the comments box. (Next week it's the Post Office Management Quiz)

Sir Terry Wogan - He is the only one of them with a Banking Qualification


Christopher Campbell-Howes said...

Wogan - the only one with a banking qualification?

Geoff said...

Darling dyes his eyebrows. The rest dye their hair.

Geoff said...

They've all had trains named after them except for Hornby who was named after a train set.

Rog said...

Christopher: Very quick - 0.25 seconds!

Geoff: Sorry, Sir Terence has a pre-enjoyed weave. It's a pity Hornby's didn't run on time though. McKillop and McFall were never going to work out.

Dave said...

This was in The Times a couple of days ago, so I knew the answer. I feel there shoukld be some form of qualification before one is allowed to blog. Perhaps you could set one up Rog?

I'm aiming for a Doctor of Internet Expression.

Dave said...

First, of course, one has to get a Batchelor Of Blogging.

Followed by a Master of Arcane Dialectic.

KAZ said...

I presume CCH was right.
Wogan has more dosh than the rest put together. He even charges for his charidee performances.

Life With Dogs said...

I'll go with 7, likely wrong :)

Betty said...

All of them can play the banjo apart from Alistair Darling, who's an adept trombonist.

Rog said...

Dave: The essence of blogging is that everyone is equal and no barriers are placed to entry. Just like Banks.

Kaz: Wogan may have made a better job of RBS despite his wigan hairpiece.

Life: Yes you are spot on!

Betty: He's not even adept at that!