Sunday, 15 March 2009

Green Shoots of Recovery

The splendid display from the Snowdrops this year is waning but they have handed the Spring 4x400 baton cleanly over to the Daffs who are freshly bulbed up and ready to put on a turn of speed in the second leg.

We didn't get much done in the garden last year due to having left work and having less time on our hands (there's no sterner taskmaster than the self-employed) so as we are closing off the year and Mrs Rine's up North on Nana duties I've been toiling arduously in the garden. I've built a raised bed to try our hand at some vegetables, beaten back the wall of undergrowth which has accumulated elsewhere and relaid a gravel drive (which has also "beaten back").

As you can see, this sweat and toil was overseen by two not-very-helpful canines who sat and watched, Lil with wonder and Oz with suspicion. He keeps giving knowing looks towards the vegetable plot and then suspicious glances towards Mrs Rine's empty chair - I just imagine he's been filling Lily's head with dark theories. "You just wait - if he's on a tearful Police TV appeal urging anyone with knowledge of Mrs Rine's whereabouts to get in touch, I shall be queueing up to point them at that new vegetable patch".

He's sometimes too clever for his own good that Tibetan.


Geoff said...

Are the directors' names on the back of their chairs?

I can see you toiling the land in black and white like those old soviet workers.

Dave said...

I've got raspeberry canes planted in my raised bed, so far. Strawberry plants and pea seeds going in on my return from Northampton.

Rog said...

Geoff: Mutt & Jeff would be good names. Was going to toil in Balck & White but not keen on monoculture.

Dave: Lily thinks my beautiful raised bed is some sort of Bassett Sand Pit Facility for playing in.

KAZ said...

“Built a raised bed, raised some vegetables, beaten back the wall of undergrowth and relaid a gravel drive".
Blimey - thought I’d reached Dave’s place by mistake.

Was Oz a fan of Brookside by any chance?

Z said...

I love reading about other people's gardening efforts. Makes up for doing sod all myself. Though I did cut back some brambles last week.

Lily becomes more adorable by the day. Does she still wee in the car though?

I say, the wv is distance. A real word!

Sir Bruin said...

I'm hugely impressed, waving a strimmer at the grass is about the limit of my gardening ability. Will be watching local tv bulletins for signs of bad acting.

zIggI said...

I never noticed before that Oz has the wrong feet. Whose are those?

Rog said...

Kaz: I have to try and keep up with the star in the East. Oz watches far too much TV - he was fascinated by "Mr & Mrs Wolf" recently about a man who lives with Wolves. He thought it was about me.

Z: Sod all is an appropriate garden expression. Lily can get as far as Yorkshire now - before we catch up with her!

Sir B: There's a lot of bad acting on Anglia TV!

Z: They belong to a Springer Spaniel called Eric. Oz swapped them for a pilot Aardman Project called "The Wrong Feet" and forgot to give them back. Eric is now doing Work Experience at the Royal Ballet.

john.g. said...

I think he's looking for somewhere to dig up!

Rog said...

John: You are not far off there!