Sunday, 17 May 2009

Shake that Booty

It's been most inclement round these parts recently and the biblical deluge of rain has caused even the most particular fashion victims amongst us to make compromises agains the weather. He's not looking too chuffed that I caught him on camera, mind.

Lil has that hairy-armpitted Gallic aplomb so can carry these things off more naturally.
However there is a worry that Oz has found a small friend and keeps bringing him home - he's a Tibetan Terrierist Clone.

He's taking a chance in a household with such strident views on fox hunting.


Dave said...

How anthropomorphic.*

*(150 points in Scrabble).

Christopher Campbell-Howes said...

Cynozygotic, too.*

*(8,755 points in Scrabble. Had to use a blank tile for the second Y, unfortunately.)

Geoff said...

For fox sake, if Oz wants to join the hunting crowd he's got to get some posher wellies and wear them on his back paws.

wv - works
I should hope so.

KAZ said...

You are so right about Lil - such insouciance, comme il faut and je ne sais quoi.
Oz will soon sort out that Brian Ferry fan.

Rog said...

Dave: Oz beats Lily every time with their Scrabble games.

Christopher: Even Mr Google has no idea what you are talking about - monozygotic is twins?. I wish I'd done Latin now. Cyno more, cyno more!

Geoff: Wear the Fox Hat, I advised. He's seen more fox than a Gordon Ramsey viewer.

Kaz: She should be called "San Fairy Anne". And Brian Ferry's son should have been called "Woolwich".

Sarah said...

Ah the devils wear Prada

Z said...

Not looking too chuffed"? How can you tell?

Christopher Campbell-Howes said...

I should have no truck with such a dastardly neologist.

Rog said...

Sarah: The devils read Pravda.

Z: It's obvious! Can't you see the downturned sulky mouth reminiscent of Harry Enfield's Teenager (who turned out to be Lily Allen, which expleins everyth)

Christopher: You need a section on "Google Translate" for your comments! I did learn that a neologist can mean "The invention of new words regarded as a symptom of certain psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia". I've never heard of a truck with schizophrenia.