Monday, 15 June 2009

Joined Up Government

The Rowntree Foundation puts Britain at the bottom of the EU15 countries in child poverty.

(A.) Ministers are making it a legal duty for the government, local authorities and other organisations to help to end child poverty across the UK.

(B.) The Government and their Consultants, by bailing out the bankers and supporting an over inflated public sector has left our children with a National debt of £1.5 Trillion Pounds (and rising) to pay off in the coming years.


KAZ said...

Leave it to Dave - no not our Dave their Dave.
He can share out his fortune and end child poverty single handed.

Rog said...

Thanks for popping in with that suggestion Kaz.

It's the hypocisy of thinking you can solve problems cost-free by simply passing legislation or appointing "Tsars" that gets me.

I do feel sorry for Gordon as he must be acutely aware of the smug pan faced public school boy sniggering at his every discomfiture.

Tony Blair that is.

Geoff said...

Give 'em money and they'll only spend it on drugs and sweets.

There must be some nice PR jobs for all those unemployed single mothers?

Rog said...

Good point, Geoff, I'll suggest it to The Spin Tsar Herr Mandelson.