Wednesday, 17 June 2009

That's not My Name!

People with long names inevitably get them shortened, but you wouldn't think someone with a two letter name would develop many nom-de-plumes. Listening to the Ting Tings made me suddenly realise how many names Oz answers to.

Here's the top 10:

1. Oz

2. The Tibetan Terrierist

3. Ozwald

4. Mr O.

5. Moseley (This came about from his blog rather from any political affiliations he may have)

6. Mosel

7. Mummy's Little Prince

8. The Ozster

9. The Ozmeister

10. Why you bloody little.....

I say "answers to" but the truth is he doesn't answer to any of them. He's his own chap, is Ozwald, and he keeps his paws close to his chest.


Geoff said...

Wot, no Ozzy?

Still, he wouldn't want to be associated with a creature which bites the heads off bats.

Dave said...

He looks so sweet.

zIggI said...

why hasn't anyone said that he keeps his paws close to his chest because his legs are so short?

KAZ said...

Well - off the top of my head - you have been Rog, Mr P, Drew, The Arse and Steptoe.
In honour of the wonderful Ting Tings I shall now call you Drew Drews.

Billy said...

I addressed a letter to Brumigan yesterday.

Rog said...

Geoff: The bat thing would have been quite useful recently. If he's Ozzie I couldn't bear the thought of Lily being Sharon.

Dave: He often says the same about you.

Ziggi: I think that's a LOL!

Kaz: That's not my name! Those pesky pooches keep coming up with additional monikers. At least there is only one Kaz.

Billy: I'm sorry you have early onset dyslexia.

john.g. said...


Christopher Campbell-Howes said...

Is that Dave standing in the green tray? He said he was needing a bit of a trim.

Rog said...

John: Woof!

Christopher: He has the hang-dog expression of young David and also a penchant for doing up walls.

Betty said...

Anyone who has a name with an "s" in them tends to have their name shortened to something with a "z" in them. I think it's a hangover from the 1970's. Every boy in my class in primary school seemed to be called Gazza, Daz or Bazza. There was even an unfortunate lad called Gary Smith who was better known as Gazza Smigga.

nuttycow said...

I found you! You've been hiding!

Rog said...

Betty: Thanks Bezza.

Nutty: I've been waiting for the publicity to blow over.

zIggI said...

Oz Lilz Roz and Mrs Rinzzze

How sweet!