Thursday, 9 July 2009

Our thoughts are with her....

What a pity that poor, poor Michael Jackson had his final moments of international celebrity snatched cruelly from him by the events of this week.

Who will possibly remember the alleged baby dangling maestro of pop when his funeral took place the exact week that Kaz disappeared in France?

Michael is now Bad History whilst the real Thriller is unfolding as a nation awaits news of the La Kazster from La France.

It's now been over a week since anyone heard from the miniscule spiky-haired legend, the Doc Martin wielding dynamo of Northern Soul, the strident haridan of working-class heroism, the peerless Wag of Wigan, the Aphrodite of Accrington, the suave sage of Sauvignon Blanc.

We can but wait with baited breathe, our thoughts very much with the lovely Kev who may (*shudder*) be stuck in the gite with her. Send us a Gallic Symbol Kaz, for pity's sakes!!!!


Dave said...

I bet she's cross that she's missing the Test Match.

zIggI said...

how much d'you bet Dave?
Rog are you starting a book?

Geoff said...

Kev finally persuaded her to sing with him in a folk duo, 2K Nightly. Which is a pretty good rate for Dylan covers.

Currently playing a bar in Avignon.

Rog said...

Dave: What's a test match? Something you do wen lighting a barbecue?

Ziggi: We can only wait and see!

Geoff: I think Kaz 'n Kev would be doing Spanish Bars with Paul and Paula Hits.

KAZ said...

The 'haridan' is back.
I'm looking a bit like Bonnie what with the effect of the sun on my hair and the food on my middle. And after a few Gauloises I even sing like her.
Thank God you didn't mention Renee & Renata.

Rog said...

Thank God! She's emerged! I was going to mention Peters and Lee ... you could sing "Welcome Home!"