Monday, 3 August 2009


I know you come here for witty insights into the human condition but sometimes one has to just chill out and take things a bit easy, if only for the hypertension.
Anyway here's a few snaps of the garden:
A is for Apples, teaming and heaving on the boughs and ready for 12 months supply of apple sauce.
B is for Busy Lizzies, always good value in a pot.
T is for Tiny Tomato, one of which has actually gone red. Hardly self sufficiency I know.
J is for Japanese Prayer Temple where we go at 5am every morning to pray to the Buddhist god Wickes.

R is for Runner Beans, the very best garden value. Excellent with everything from Roast Beef to Macaroni Cheese.
L is for Lillies. Excellent value and very attractive but liable to run rampant if unchecked.
B is for Bastard, the Mole who is causing me more grief than Esterharzy in Le Carre's magnificent opus.
And C is for Clarkson who appears on the lawn every day.


Roses said...

Woo Hoo! F is for First!

Yay me!

Sarah said...

OMG Roses has her tits out again....

Turd Clarkson is a very arty pic

KAZ said...

For one awful moment I thought that mole picture was Oz!

Rog said...

Roses: That's actually a Woo-F. We're all barking here!

Sarah: Now you're talking like Dave Cameron on absolute Radio. It's top gear though.

Kaz: Sorry Kaz I should have included a pic of the Ozmeister to allay any worries. He is notoriously camera shy though.

Vicus Scurra said...

Esterhazy was not the mole.

Rog said...

Vicus: You're joking!!?

Dave said...

I've picked several pounds of red tomatoes from my garden already (I am weighing them each day, and am keeping a list - full details will, no doubt, be published at the end of teh season).

Rog said...

Dave: Yes a spreadsheet would be most illuminating with a pie chart. Tomatoes are good for the prostate but not so healthy if you put your back out lifting them.

Hotter Than... said...

A pie chart for tomatoes? Surely a chutney would be more appropriate.

Z said...

Your apples are heaving?

I suppose Lily is responsible for the Daily Clarkson - girl dogs are quite uninhibited about these things, unlike the chaps who are quite shy.

zIggI said...





I don't understand

Scarlet-Blue said...

I thought Jeremy Clarkson was a dried slug.

john.g. said...

Not a vowel in sight!

Geoff said...

Runner beans. Those were the days. More runner beans? Thanks, Mum. I'll put some butter on them today.

Dave said...

Ziggo: I think it's the Scrabble hand he had against me. Scored 78 with it, he did.

Christopher Campbell-Howes said...

Should we start collecting for your indoor sanitation?

Rog said...

Hotter: Granted but Excel doesn't have Chutney Charts.

Z: You are SO perceptive! You could take over from the dog whisperer.

Ziggi: You haven't spotted the boolean crypto-prime progression in "abtjrlbc"?!

Scarlett: Yes he is. You're amongst friends!

John.G: It's a consonant dissappointment.

Geoff: There was a village called Bean south of Gravesend that had an athletic club of the same name.

Dave: Just because I've won 1 in 5!

Christopher : Coming from a French dweller le pot noir springs to mind!

Richard said...

Despite precautions, slugs ate my beans as soon after they emerged. The annoying thing was, they watched them get to four inches before they pounced. I have blackberries though.