Sunday, 16 August 2009

Heron a G String

We're oop North.

Here's a pic of Lancaster Canal with a Heron which was playing Chicken with Oz.

Our local East Angular Heron flies off when we get 100 yards away but this was a hard Northern Heron who would be out on a cold December night with just a thin T Shirt and a packet of tabs stuffed into the armhole.


Hotter Than... said...

That's not really the North. I can see blue sky. I've been in Darlington for 2 months and have experienced 6 blue skies. 'Fess up. You're sill in sunny Norfolk aren't you!.

KAZ said...

Perhaps that heron's a lass in which case it's bare legs, mini skirt, stilletos and boob tube.

Dave said...

If that's the north, where's the icebergs on the canal, eh?

Morton Shadow said...

"...this was a hard Northern Heron "

Probably one of the ceramic ones then Rog - they're ever so lifelike, aren't they??



Rog said...

Hotter: Lancaster..but it has been very murky since Heron Day.

Kaz: Thank goodness you are a Northern Twitcher and can supply all these extra details!

Dave: The Icebergs are the nice Jewish Family on the narrow boat.

Mort: I thought it wasn't moving very fast. Heron 'E Must Rush. er, probably not...

Scarlet-Blue said...

You're in the garden centre. It's a plastic heron.

Morton Shadow said...'d probably need a *crane* to shift something like that Rog...

(Boom boom)


(Good job I double checked that - I'd typed, "you'd need a crane to shit something like that..." Now, *that* would take some doing, wouldn't it??

p.p.s wv: quitive

ive quit more times than I can remember...

Geoff said...

We've got canals in London, too.

We almost went for a walk by one in June. Then decided we'd rather go to Sainsbury's.

The North wins hands down.

john.g. said...

The Lancaster canal is beautiful! Made the trip years ago.

Rog said...

Scarlet: Yes...I think it was in Peckham!

Morton: One minute it was there and the next minute it flaming goes!

Geoff: Sainsburies are normally built near canals so it isn't too far for brainless morons to throw the trolleys in.

John: You can still only get as far as the M6 tho!

Richard said...

Where is that stretch of canal? It looks a bit more interesting than the ones round here.

Rog said...

Lancaster to Galgate, a dead end branch since they built the bloody M6 straight across it without a tunnel. However it is now linked to the main network near Preston so you can do coast to coast.