Thursday, 24 September 2009

Mouldy Old Dough (Slight Return) - Bontempi Hits Vol 2

I found this 1984 clip yesterday when digitizing some old family movies, so just to prove that I've grown past any kind of embarrassment and as my personal tribute to Kaz & Dave who are retiring this week, here it is. If Simon Cowell is watching, I happen to know that he's equally proficient on the guitar.

Relax girls, he's married.


Dave said...

Well, that was a foot-tapping little number.

Did you insert the two wildly-excited young ladies at the end of the tape just to check we'd watched it all the way through?

Rog said...

Dave - Oh dear, I couldn't even watch it all the way through myself! Well done.

Scarlet-Blue said...

I liked the eye contact with the camera. Was Roger Moore your hero?
What's all this about Kaz and Dave?

Dave said...

Dave Peacock: the unlikliest love-child yet.

Geoff said...

I've never heard The Doors crossed with Mrs Mills before.

Excellent, Rog!

Rog said...

Scarlett: I thought more of a Paul McCartney before his (and my) seedy stage. Chas and Dave have called it a day. Thursday I think.

Dave: It might be less unlikely than you think....

Geoff: as an adherent of Prog Rock I knew you'd appreciate the structure and texture.

john.g. said...

Would that be Chaz and Dave?

Richard said...

Wot, no cape?

I have to admit Rog, you bore a disturbing similarity to Chris de Burgh in your younger years.

KAZ said...

Remember when the mention of 1984 symbolised the scary future.
Now it's the scary past.
That was lovely Rog - a fitting tribute.

Sarah said...

Ha ha LOL, it's the look of concentration on your face that really got me!, that and the rather manic Paul McCartney grin.
Did I hear the girls scream 'where's mommy' ? lol

Sooo Rog what was the band called? would any of us remember it?

Z said...

Brilliant. Especially the scary grins and "I want my mummy". Didn't catch what the smaller child murmured at the end though.

Do you do weddings or only funerals?

zIggI said...

Surely someone could have come up with a pun about playing with your organ? Or even Dave's if you popped over one Sunday.

Rog said...

John G: Ah, those pantheons of popular music!

Richard: I'll take the Rick Wakeman reference as a compliment and the Chris De Burgh reference as a terrible insult!

Kaz: Yes we all dreaded 1984 and it was a damp squib - apart from Apple introducing the Macintosh. Much like the Millennium Bug.

Sarah: My band split up due to musical differences - we all played in different keys. I feel terrible for humiliating the kids now, although it is what parents are for.

Z: I always wanted to rise up out of a stage playing the Hammond Organ.

Ziggi: Nobody was up for being that obvious! Dave's organ is probably operated via pedals.