Friday, 11 September 2009

Weekend Poem

We saw this on the window of a shop in Market Rasen today.

This is the transcription:

If I knew the box where the smiles were kept,
No matter how large the key
Or strong the bolt, I would try so hard,
'Twould open, I know, for me;
Then over the land and sea broadcast
I'd scatter the smiles to play,
That the children's faces might hold them fast
For many and many a day.

If I knew a box that was large enough
To hold all the frowns I meet,
I would gather them, every one,
From nursery, school, and street;
Then, folding and holding, I'd pack them in,
And turn the monster key,
And hire a giant to drop the box
To the depths of the deep, deep sea.

Apparently it is the full manifesto of both Mandleson and Andy Coulson for the next election.


Geoff said...

Sounds like a good poem for the Christmas special Old Codgers in the Mirror.

The Tories' mantra is usually...

If I had the wings of a sparrow
If I had the arse of a crow
I'd fly over Britain tomorrow
And shit on the bastards below

But they've changed now, haven't they?

Dave said...

This is very sweet. Are you on drugs?

Betty said...

Climb every mountain.
Ford every stream.
Follow every rainbow
Till you find your dream.

KAZ said...

And the inmates of the nursery might just possibly believe it.

Richard said...

I'm glad you've published the manifesto here. Were they to entrust its delivery to Lord Mendelshite of Your Street's slimline and efficient Royal Mail we would still be waiting come the Olympics.

zIggI said...

Come in Mrs Rine - IT'S TIME TO COME HOME

Rog said...

Geoff: I now am one of the old codgers. They have changed Geoff - we're all Bullingdon now.

Dave: Yes. My normal Victor Meldrew persona is a thing of the past (*Mrs Rine - "I don't believe it!!!"*)

Betty: Follow every Rainbow, then rip off Rover for several million pounds.

Kaz: It only takes 3 muscles to smile and 18 to frown.

Richard: That's if the Olympics aren't delayed of course.

Ziggi: Hello Trees, hello clouds....