Thursday, 22 October 2009

Lions Led by Donkeys

I'm not sure who I have least sympathy with in the current Postal Strike.
It's not One-Trick Billy ("I'm stronger than Scargill") Hayes, the Union leader spouting intransigent slogans over and over in a strident Liverpool accent.

It's not Peter Machiavelison who one suspects IS out for blood after being defeated in the first round of privatisation and is desperate to sell off the Royal Mail.

It's not bland old Tory boy Ken Clark who admitted on the Today programme that he is already lining up his City mates to buy into the profitable bits of Royal Mail as soon as he gets a chance.

It's not Chief Executive Adam Crozier who trousered a handsome £3 million pounds last year and couldn't really give a toss.

We are a small business who's livlihood is dependent on Royal Mail but the only sympathy I DO have is for the poor bloody postmen who earn on average 0.6% of Crozier's fat-cat rewards for doing a difficult and arduous job in all weathers. Crozier won't notice 2 days lost pay, Hayes loves the media attention, Clark and Mandleson both want this public service given away to "entrepreneurs" whist the poor bloody postmen are being asked to dig their trenches in the mud and wait for the whistle.

Can't someone stand up and make a stand for PUBLIC OWNED service?


Sarah said...

Do it Rog..we are all behind you

Dave said...

Perhaps you could get enough bloggers to contribute to a fund to buy it ourselves.

KAZ said...

Shame on Gordon hiding behind Mandy's back in your picture.
I think most Brits support the Post Office and many are slowly coming back to the idea of public ownership after recent events.
Be strong Gordon and speak up for what you really believe in - this could save you.

Sarah said...

Put your hands in your pocket then Dave....tsk!

Richard said...

As you know, my admiration for Crozier and Mandelson is totally non-existent and I have added a coda to my ebay descriptions that on no account will I be using courier firms, instead it will be Royal Mail like it or lump it. It is a crying shame though that the bloody prehistoric unions are playing straight into those screaming incompetents' arms.

Richard said...

And what I can't understand is, if it's no bloody good, why on earth would you want to sell it?

Rog said...

Sarah: Gordon's got a Sarah saying that!

Dave: Normal bloggers don't use the Post. But we wouldn't know that would we?!

Kaz: Gordon has done more for right wing privatization than Maggie in volume terms. He's only got the Tote and Student loans left to flog off.

Richard: Spot on. They are making a profit, it's the likes of Murdoch etc who are itching to get their mits on it.

Geoff said...

I'll keep the red flag flying, Rog.

Well I would but it hasn't been delivered yet!

Rog said...

I know you're a post modernist Geoff.

Malc said...

I can't look at Mandelson without wanting to hit something. What the **** was the Labour Party doing letting him and the rest of the right-wing clique take over? After all these years I still can't fathom it out.

He's the clear winner over Blundering Billy and Carpet-bagger Crozier.

It's not often I read your blog and get angry!

Roger said...

Sorry Malc. Back to doggy jokes etc soon!

Z said...

Superbly said, Rog.