Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Blue Monday

As I sat this week contemplating Blue Monday and nursing one of the most virulent strains of man-flu imaginable, I suddenly remembered that it's a year since Mr Murph left a large Mr-Murph-shaped-hole in our World.

His legacy lives on of course.

To Oz, he has passed on the steely independence of the proud canine, teaching him that "he's his own dog" and not to conform to anthropomorphic stereotypes (ie do as he's told). Murph actually studied briefly under a certain Springer called Mrs Poll to refine these techniques.

To Lily, he passed on the need to focus, particularly relating to rabbits, hares, cats and deer. She is now ready to take up the baton of covering a whole field in 9 seconds flat, but only, of course, in one direction.

Here's a couple of pics of Mr Murph - I only wish he'd passed onto me the knack of writing original and witty posts.


Vicus Scurra said...

So many things he could have taught you.

Robert Swipe said...

L.U.V. that last one Rog - you've really captured the moment.

(Immediately pre-bowel movement?)


L.U.V. on ya,


Dave said...

It doesn't seem possible that it was a year ago. 7 years in real time, of course.

Timorous Beastie said...

Ah, I miss him still. RIP Murph.

Scarlet Blue said...

Mr Murph's last post always turns me into a snivelling wreck [yes, I did read it back then] so I'll look away now!

Roses said...

A year already?

I miss him still.

Z said...

I do too.

Sarah said...


Blue Monday...hey? I've been blue since Jan 1st!

Christopher said...

Still very present. RIP.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Murph was a great and proud canine, a real exemplar for others to follow. That much is obvious. He was also devilishly adorable -- and made the world a better place through his presence. Dogs do that; people, not so much.

To Mr. Murph, his humans and all dog lovers everywhere, here is an (heartbreaking, so get out your hankies) essay about old dogs.

Hope you feel better soon, Rog.

Geoff said...

Good looking and an entertaining writer.

Unlike Tony Parsons who is neither.

zIggI said...

I loved him lots, thanks for sharing him Drew X

Anonymous said...

Isn't it sad that our pets can't live as long as we do, and be with us always.

"I only wish he'd passed onto me the knack of writing original and witty posts". I do too!

Rog said...

Vicus: Correct!

Robert: Thanks - it was in Northumberlan. And they don't call you R.Swipe for nothing!

Dave: That's it! 7 Years it is then.

Timorous: Thanks - it was an excuse to pop some pics of the lovely chap on.

Scarlett Blue: Yes, I'm glad it's there in the Cloud still though.

Roses: Dave's right - it's 7 years.

Z: Thanks Z.

Sarah: Pull yourself together girl!

Christopher: Merci bien.

Elizabeth: Lovely article - thanks for that!

Geoff: Fair point, well made.

Ziggi: I'm feeling a bit Drew P with this swine-flu-cold.

Keith: You are such a tinker!

KAZ said...

I remembered.
I found out just before I had to go round to Kev's for tea.
I was so upset that I had to explain.
I told him that I had a secret blog and that a dog who wrote my favourite blog had died.
Amazingly he understood and was very understanding.
I'll always love Murph.

Rog said...

Thanks, Kaz.

I can't believe you had that conversation though, and Murph "outed" you!

Rosie said...

Such a lot has happened since I came across this bunch of bloggers. Two months ago today that Arty left for the great Tibetan sky.