Sunday, 31 January 2010

Heart Warming Quote of the Week

Clare Short, speaking on the Andrew Marr Show: "Whilst Gordon Brown did not speak out in Cabinet against the war, he did not support it."

Yes, that's what she said. And there's more.....

She goes on, ''He was saying to me 'They think they are going to have a quick successful war and then they will be very powerful and then they will have a reshuffle'. "

Comforting that whilst the permatanned sleazeball Blair was pulling together his inner sanctum to inflict death and mayhem on the Middle East , our current Prime Minister was sulking in his tent thinking about his own position above all other moral and ethical considerations.

I'm thinking of voting Lib Dem or UKIP.


Jon Storey said...

Hmm? Doesn't that put Brown in the same camp as the majority of "successful" politicians?

God help us!

ps Clare Short is looking a bit rough these days..!

KAZ said...

OK - I'm defending Gordon again (but just a bit).
It's OK to judge in retrospect - but remember they all (Jack Straw etc) did the same thing apart from Robin.
This includes Clare Short eventually.

Mr VeryVeryBored said...

I believe that the Cabinet was given very little chance to even talk about it formally. Blair seemed to have regarded them as a quaint ornament in this respect.

UKIP or Lib Dem? Odd bed-fellows?

Rog said...

Jon: I suppose at least he didn't fiddle his expenses.

Kaz: I was a keen supporter of Brown taking over from Blair but the sheer childishness and volatility of the bloke makes me want to call time.

Rog said...

Mr VVB : I'm glad you've brought that up. (Hope you feel better now!) You haven't read the News of the World recently.

Geoff said...

He could have resigned and walked into the political wilderness. Like Obama, Brown is a tragic figure. Shakespeare would have had a couple of field days with them.

Have UKIP put something in the air over East Anglia? I know you all love Jim Davidson up there.

Rog said...

If he had resigned, supported by 3/4 of the population, he could have removed Blair 2 years earlier and come back with the confidence he so obviously has lacked.
"Davison on end of Pier" was a headline sadly mispelt in the Yarmouth Times.

Roberta Swipe said...

Jim Davidson - now *there's a good PM!

(I always thought Roger de Courcey & Nookie could have gone far had they ever chosen to enter the political arena. Sort of dream ticket, don't you think? And, let's face it - they couldn't make a worse fist of it than young Nick Griffin has, could they??)



Christopher said...

Robin Cook lives on, the carrier of all - or nearly all - our consciences.

A brilliant and telling interposition, Rog, a bit like those oracular reminders you get in the borders of the Bayeux Tapestry

zIggI said...

I can't think of anything to say, much like I can't think of who to vote for. If it wasn't for the feelings of guilt for Emmeline Pankhurst I'd just not bother. I despise them all.

('cept Tony Benn)

Scarlet Blue said...

As above!

Rog said...

Roberta: Yellow card for mentioning fat racist. In fact, two yellow cards.

Christopher: A fair comparison, thanks Christopher!

Ziggi: Yes we are all floating voters now. Could just do with a few floating MP's.

Scarlet: Well said!

impoftheyard said...

I'm with Ziggi and Scarlet... Couldn't one of you stand in my constituency?

Sarah said...

Singing ringing tree.....

and erm I've just chained myself to the railings.....not too late am I?

Malc said...

Lib-Dem or BNP Lite?

You've got me baffled there Rog.

Roses said...

It is a bit of a shambles, isn't it.

I'm voting Green. It's my protest vote.

Rog said...

Imp: I could be the Man in the White Suit. If I had a white suit.

Sarah: What you get up to in your private life is entirely a matter for you!

Malc: You'll end up going ScotNats then?

Roses: Green is good.