Thursday, 7 January 2010

Strange Beasts and Robins

We woke up to extra thick snow this morning and even my mole deterrant was covered - it works off the sun's rays so the garden will now be awash with moles. Not that it ever actually worked of course!

By popular request here is a picture of Lily's Snow Trousers mentioned in the previous post, and an illustration why short-legged breeds were not designed for thick snow.

We encountered a strange small hairy yetti on our morning walk, speeding across our horizon in pursuit of some poor undeserving creature. Or possibly a cat.

And having arranged a complicated pile of garden furniture to prevent Lily from nicking the bird food, we were rewarded with an immediate appearance of Robin.


Dave said...

I saw various items of wildlife on my walk this afternoon. I shall publish them tomorrow. No robins though.

KAZ said...

Oz is just poetry in motion isn't he?
Does he ever feel the cold?

Rog said...

Dave: I shan't be able to sleep tonight now you've dangled that enticing prospect before me!

Kaz: He apparently merges effortlessly from furnace heat 3" from the coal fire to running around in minus 6. I think Lil will need a little coat though - fashion posts to follow.

Scarlet Blue said...

He looks a picture of innocence with all the snow round his muzzle!

Vicus Scurra said...

Pls to ask Scarlet whether it is Dave who looks a picture of innocence?

Geoff said...

Has that robin got a see-through belly?

Z said...

Chester (half red setter, half bearded collie) had long legs - all the better to bobble with snow. He loved it and dug tunnels as we shoveled our way 100 years down the drive.

We've not had anything like the snow we used to have. There hasn't been a day we couldn't skid our way merrily down the drive and not end up in a snowdrift.

Timorous Beastie said...

Ah! Little sweetheart.

Sir Bruin said...

There was a robin on my window sill
A - pecking at the bread.
I slowly brought the window down
And crushed its' bleedin' head.

llewtrah said...

Afte a few days of snowy boottees, the moggy trio are exercising the litter tray option!

Rog said...

Scarlett: That's what he WANTS you to think!

Vicus: We ARE talking about Dave.

Geoff: You've seen through it already?

Z: If your drive is 100 years long that is a long way from the Road and in fact almost in Chester!

Timorous: Ah, but which one?!

Sir B: We won't have swearing and animal cruelty on this blog! I suspect you've been at the port again haven't you?!

Llewtrah: We'd let Lil have a litter facility but it would take us another 18 months to re-house-train her! She's French you know.