Friday, 22 January 2010

Who said Romance is Dead?

What about this this then?


Roses said...

It's good to see you're trying a new occupation.

Let me know how the matchmaking turns out.

Or rather, after Kaz gets through with you and the visiting hours in the hospital.

I'll bring flowers.

Vicus Scurra said...

I'm filling up.

Macy said...

Have Wm Hill or Paddy Power opened a book on this yet?

Dave said...


Is there an art gallery in Manchester, do you happen to know?

Christopher said...

Well, clearly she's going to reply by bus. I think you should advise your client to spend the next few days hanging about Manchester bus stops waiting for her answer.

W V hutaful, i.e. try Pizza Express

Rog said...

Roses: That's a good point. However, Kaz appears to have gone awol so perhaps they've jetted off to Sandals and gone for a quickie in the Elvis Presley suite.

Vicus: If you're down the Murco can you get 10 Bensons and a Curly Wurly?

Macy: The "Wedding Stakes"? Kaz is vegetarian alledgedly.

Dave: I'm on good terms with the lady at the Whitworth. And there's plenty of greengrocers.

Christopher: Have you ever found that you wait ages for a marriage proposal then 6 come along at once? Happens to a lot of Lottery winners apparently.

Sarah said...

Pah...Romantics...who needs them?

KAZ said...

I have been AWOL. Looks like I missed the bus!
Good thing you took that photo for me. But I can't think how you got into my flat.

Scarlet Blue said...

I want to buy a nice hat for a special occasion.