Monday, 22 March 2010

Doing anything nice for your holidays?

You can't beat a bit of spring sunshine in the garden for getting out and starting those difficult pruning jobs which you've been putting off over the Winter.

Here's a Tibetius Terrius for example that's been allowed to grow into a large furry clump and requires cutting back firmly to the new growth. Hidden features such as eyes will emerge as your reward. Lily was a little traumatised when the excess cuttings were popped into the compost bin - I think she may have thought they were two Tibetan Puppies. "Quel domage!".

I was able to cheer the little chap up by showing him this feature in the Guardian that refutes the popular conception that one dog year is equivalent to seven human years. It says  "Dogs mature much faster than humans – a two-year-old dog is roughly equivalent to a 21-year-old person – but things slow down after that; a 10-year-old dog is, in general terms, closer to 50 in human years than 70."

I suggested to him that he shouldn't be such a grumpy little sod. "You talking to me, Grandad?", he retorted, pulling out his Ipod and chewing in a sullen fashion.


Dave said...

What a sweet little thing.

KAZ said...

How does he see in winter?

Roses said...

Oh bless. There he is!

It's when he rolls in with Lily past midnight, looking worse for wear and you have the monosyllabic conversation.

'Where have you been?'


'Who were you with?'


'What were you doing?'


Geoff said...

Oz apparently has a natural gentleness and intense desire for love.

How could a passionate French lady resist?

Scarlet Blue said...

I used to put my dog's fluff balls out for the birds. They looked like a collection of tribbles on the lawn.

Rog said...

Dave: Appearances are deceptive.

Kaz: How does he smell in winter? The problem is that it's difficult to tell which end is which.

Roses: Ah yes, the monosyllabic conversation! Oz is a master and would get on well with the boy!

Geoff: That's a very poetic interpretation. He tries to keep his natural gentleness well hidden.

Scarlet: I confess I had to look up Tribbles as I thought it was a Coldplay single. I'm hooked now.

Macy said...

That same Grauniad handout claims that collies have as wide a vocabulary as a human three year old.

I've told the Nedster to quit with the idiot routine NOW.

KAZ said...

You might try one of these.
Now can you answer the question I actually asked please.

Roses said...

As a Trekkie, I knew what ms scarlet was on about. It's one of the best episodes 'The Trouble with Tribbles'.

I'll go get my anorak and slink off now.

Rog said...

Macy: They've probably got 600 words - 597 of which mean "food".

Kaz: Thanks for the excellent suggestion. In answer to your question, it is easier to look outwards through a fringe than inwards. Ask Boris.

Roses: I might have know this comment box was a hotbed of treksters. Live long and prosper. Nanu Nanu. I'll get me coat.

Z said...

Of course, a truly self-respecting dog doesn't permit any trimming of his manly locks. Chester would never have allowed it. He had no intention of looking sweet.

Rog said...

I always associate Man Chester with macho. It must be all the rain.

My Dog Jack said...

The big jessie!

Rosie said...

Klingons on the starboard bow.

Rog said...

Jack: There's only one way to sort this out when I come up to Hexham. FIGHT!!!!!

Rosie: Oz had Klingons on every bow!