Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Penguin Tracks

Yesterday the sun came out so we went to explore the Great Eastern Pingo Trail.

Pingos are little circular craters full of water which were built by small penguins 20,000 years ago during the last Ice Age, which was actually colder than this current winter.

The Pingos themselves are not really very interesting but part of the Trail follows the tracks of a disused railway track which is always fascinating. It's sad to think of the work that went into producing some of these rail routes and the extent to which they have been reclaimed by nature, but they do make a good walk entirely independent of roads.

This is Norfolk, so finding oneself in a deep railway cutting feels like the Himalayas.

We did this walk a couple of weeks ago in the snow but I forgot my camera, but you can imagine how beautiful it looked.

This lovely old Road Bridge has been properly reclaimed by the trees. I think it was a branch line. Now it's a Beech-ing line.


This is Oz having an issue with a Squirrel.

After leaving the old Railway we headed into Hockham Woods where the Forestry Commission are working.

This was a pile of logs. Thetford Forest once supplied all the Pit Props used by the British Coal Industry. Honestly!

We ignored the Forestry Operations. I think they are performed by Tree Surgeons.


Vicus Scurra said...

Oz having issue with a squirrel? You are doing nothing to counter the rumours about Norfolk.

Richard said...

We have a lot of pingos round here but some Irish blokes are now filling them in.

Dave said...

Thank you for the link. I'm always looking for new walks in the area - did 13 miles of the Angles Way one day last year; may try this one now.

Sarah said...

Oh I love Pingu....way over the heads of young kiddies....bit like Sesame St!
looks like a nice walk too, if i could be arsed to drive all the way up to Norfolk to walk it...

zIggI said...

I don't think you did ignore the operations I see you even took a picture of the cutting!

Jon Storey said...

Good old Dr Beeching! We could do with a lot of those lines back in use now....

Macy said...

That railway bridge is the spitting image of one we've got here in Cheesetown!
Spooky huh?


Geoff said...

Did you hear the tree surgeons joke that was going around hospitals in Ireland a few years ago?

KAZ said...

"NUG - NUG!"
There's a similar one near us called The Delph Donkey.
Beeching was mad - but he did us a favour in one way.
I love Pingu and your pics

Christopher said...

Pic 5: 'Oz is barking up the
___ ___ '

Complete in not more than 2 words.

Helpful tip: The answer is an anagram of GREEN WORT

Sir Bruin said...

Good pics. It's nice to see that you have turned over a new leaf and branched out a bit with your puns.

Z said...

Greer town. Enter grow. Ah - I have it - Oz is barking up the grown tree.

A tree that isn't grown is a nut, isn't it? Or a pip.

Rog said...

I did some very witty ripostes earlier but Blogger ate them so I'm having another go post wine which won't be half as amusing:

Vicus: The rumours about Tibetan Squirrels are more frightening than you think! Tamper with their nuts at your peril!

Richard: Do the Irish blokes sing Crewe Ditties as they do so?

Dave: We only did about 4 miles so you are putting us to shame. The Chequers at Thompson do an exceptional lunch.

Sarah: Come on, let's have an East Angular Blogmeet Walk! Oz would love to meet the Tillster.

Ziggi: I was pining to take some pics. What fir? I dunno.

Jon: Those Branch lines were wonderful, but they do make good walks.

Macy: Does the Cheese Town cutting look like the Cheddar Gorge?

Geoff: Those Tree Fellers get everywhere!

Kaz: Nug Nug? I tried to google the Delph Donkeys Ladies Running Group and downloaded a Trojan. Serves me right eh?

Christopher: Anagrams are past the watershed now. Is it TORN WERGS?

Sir B: I've spruced up the acorny stuff and now need to go for rest.

Z: I've already warned about Oz and his Nuts. Oz is actually barking full stop. Great Town!

KAZ said...

Nug Nug?

Rog said...

Kaz: " Dude are you listening to nug nug music, your gay" ... that'll be most useful, thanks Kaz.