Saturday, 24 April 2010

Day Two : in which all traces of smugness evaporate

After basically poncing about on the first day, we finally do a
PROPER full day's cycle.

From the tranquil rural village of Cleator Moor near Whitehaven all
the way to Greystoke near Penrith, we cut a cross section through the
lake district from West to East and suddenly come to appreciate that
real hills have nothing to do with those gentle Norfolk slopes which
once looked so daunting!

The most surprising thing was the number of downhills on this section,
and each brought with it the dread realization that an even bigger UP
would follow. Which it always did.

We puffed and huffed with burning lungs and aching legs up winding
lanes, alongside mirrored lakes, down through forest tracks, past
farms, villages and across rivers. Finally we were rewarded after a 10
mile climb out of Keswick (the "w" is silent, as in "Paul Anka") with
a blissful 2 mile freewheel down to the perfect Ambridge village of
Greystoke and the superb Boot and Shoe Inn.

And you know what? It was a bloody fabulous day!

Tomorrow is even tougher ... Another hearty breakfast will be needed!


Sarah said...

*stands on the side lines cheering and waving flags* Well done Rog

Magwitch said...

Excellent. Glad your sense of humour still intact.

A hearty breakfast and a few pints should help with all those UP hills.

I've just looked things up on Google Maps, with the terrain option turned on. Looks like you've done the worst of it. Just a little problem of getting across the M6.

I see there's a place called Knock Fell just the other side - or is that a premonition!

Happy cycling.

Rosie said...

It all sounds great. Waving flags here too.

Dave said...

I raise my hat to you.

Geoff said...

I hope you're leading the pack after all those beans have been consumed.