Monday, 26 April 2010

Dine the Tyne

Final stretch out to finish at Tynemouth - here's a pic of old Foggy
on the Tyne looking for some Clegg bounce as he Compo's himself.
Coathanger in background.


Jon Storey said...

Ah! Gods own country.....pity the Millennium Bridge didn't blink in honour of your achievement!

Z said...

You're rather wonderful, you know. Well done!

Macy said...

The beer was well earned you know! Will you be calling in at Cheesetown on the way back??

Magwitch said...

Well done. A magnificent achievement.
How are the legs?

Admit it, it was rather fun wasn't it (now that the pain has stopped) No doubt your planning next year's expedition: Land's End to John o' Groats

Christopher said...

Well done, Rog and the team. If it hadn't been for the Byker Wall you'd have reached the North Sea.

Rosie said...

Brilliant. I enjoyed the trip from this end.

Timorous Beastie said...

Well done. I hope your buttocks recover soon!

Rog said...

Jon: It's very upmarket down there now. Sorry I couldn't liaise for a meet-up but the mobile signal a bit flakey across those moors!

Z: Thanks for your support. I'm glad I wore it.

Macey: Cheesetown may be on my John O'Groats to Landsend run.

Magwitch: I'm remarkably unscathed, although I didn't cycle up all the hills. Very luck with the weather and wind in right direction - fabulous experience!

Christopher: I hit the Byker Wall near the end where the mileage signs kept showing bigger numbers.

Rosie: Isn't t'internet marvellous!

Timorous: Their not as bad as they were cracked up to be.

Now having a few days in rented cottage in Hexham R&R - very nice!

Sarah said...

I'm a bit confused....probably not paying attention...Ummm I thought you were going across the country, but you seem to still be on the East side...Hmmm....'nother glass of wine any one?

Sarah said...

PS bloody well done

Z said...

PPS I've been singing like a cross between Petula Clark and the Queen all day - "the laights are much braighter there..."