Thursday, 15 April 2010

Nobody says it was going to be Fair....

The loathesome Chris Evans "earns" £540,000 for his innane Radio 2 programme.

The lovely, original and talented Lady Gaga earned $167 in Royalties from Spotify for 1 MILLION plays of Poker Face last year.

I never wanted to become one of those grumpy old gits moaning about Bin Collections and the BBC and have always been a staunch supporter of the Beeb's unparallelled quality of programming which should continue to resist to the hilt any attempt at political interference.

However, it does need to get real with salaries and play its hand according to the current market conditions. Funded as it is by a compulsory "poll tax" it is insulated from the shifting dynamics of the outside World. 


Rosie said...

I will NOT be watching "the one show" on Fridays.

ziGGi said...

I'm disappointed in Moira - she seems to like him - there is no hope.

Dave said...

I find I have nothing to add.

Rog said...

Rosie: I never thought anyone would get me praying for the return of Adrian Chiles.

Ziggi: I can't even listen to a few minutes - it spoils my entire day.

Dave: What about 5267 and 23888?

Scarlet Blue said...

I can't bear The One Show... don't get me started...
It's like watching a party that I haven't been invited to.
Chris Evans - like listening to a party I haven't been invited to.

Dave said...


Ah, those days at Northcourt weren't wasted after all.

needlesnpinz said...

I agree with the OP Cahris Evans is like Marmite you either hate him or loathe him and he is so irritating that I loathe him too!!! Why should he be allowed to take over radio and TV?

Adrian and Christine built up that show to about 7m viewers so why should that pr*t be allowed to take the Friday spot?

Must be to do with his ex girlfriend taking over the producing of the show!

Sarah said...


Sarah said...


Robert Swipe said...

That Lady Gaga's a handsome lad, isn't he!



Geoff said...

I like Lady Gaga, too. I can't abide Spotify and Chris Evans.

If I'd wanted to wake up to a prick I'd become a junkie.

Rog said...

Scarlett: Evans is like a party I'm glad I wasn't invited to.

Dave: I've seen the reports!

Needles: Hello and welcome! You've got it all sewn up. I think Evans is what Hendrix would have called a Voodoo Chiles.

Sarah: Easy Tiger.

Robert: That's a side swipe.

Geoff: You could have married John Humphries?

Z said...

I've never listened to Chris Evans. And I hate the One Show. I do pay to listen to Spotify though.

I think that means I agree with you. As long as you don't start moaning about bin collections, because I'm planning (if I remember) to mention our jolly good bin man when I write a post later. Assuming I get around to doing so.

Christopher said...

None of these names mean anything to me at all. Should I see a specialist?

(Is that Sarah I hear going Grrr! Grrr!?)

Jon Storey said...

I tried to give Chris Evans a fair trial but I just can't cope with his kind of drivel. Now we have him on the One Show too.

Oh Terry, come back this Tog misses you in the morning. I now have to wake up to Radio 4, no wonder I am grumpy...!