Wednesday, 12 May 2010

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Everywhere I look on the Internet there seems to be a wall of seething resentment, vitriol and despair regarding the new Government. (Obviously I haven't looked at the Mail site).

I'm a floating voter and have voted for Harold Wilson, Neil Kinnock, Maggie Thatcher and Blair in my time - this time I voted Lib Dem mainly as a protest against the seedy Tory scrounger who vacated the seat. I still harbour the massive disillusionment of watching Blair's trajectory from young ideallist to orange millionaire with Iraq on his conscience, but somehow I'm hopeful that the new coalition between David Cameron's Conservatives and Nick Clegg's Lib Dems will actually move this Country in a positive direction.

With the Lib Dems already exerting influence on policy (low-earners tax thresholds and inheritance tax freeze) and their solid credentials as the only party who voted against the Iraq War and predicted the Banking Crisis, things can only get better.

There is no doubt that the new Government will become extremely unpopular in many areas as it begins the uphill struggle to cut back into the massive wall of debt and profligate spending by the preceding regime, simply because so many people work directly of indirectly for the Public Sector. Turkeys don't traditionally support the Christmastide festivities as a rule.

Anyway, here's at least two cheers for Dave. Alright, three. Good luck Prime Minister. You'll need it.


impoftheyard said...

I can have no optimism about a Tory led government. I live in Scotland where neither Tories nor Lib Dems got many votes. It will be easy therefore to decide where to cut public spending. In fact, this morning I received a letter withdrawing a job offer for a Civil Service post when I was expecting a letter with a start date. The letter was posted yesterday. There is a general feeling of despair here as we suffered terribly under the last Tory government. I considered voting Lib Dem in the election but could not vote for a party which would go into a coalition with the Tories.

Dave said...

I'm in agreement with Rog on this one, and his very sane comment over at Vicus' place.

Anyone called Dave can't be all bad.

Malc said...

It'll be all over by Christmas.

Just watching the Cameron-Clegg Press conference. Apparently, this arrangement is what they wanted all along and is good news for the country. No problem with PR then?
It's like watching two Tony Blairs.

We're bracing ourselves for a good kicking north of the border.

Jon Storey said...

Whether we love or have this Coalition, it provides the only chance of stability over the next few years. Nobody would give a dam if I think that is a good idea or not but there is every chance that the Markets, the EMF, IMF and the World Bank will think it is good and that alone is a good enough case for us to give it a go...

Sorry Imp, but the standard of living in Scotland is possible only thanks to a massive financial subvention from the 'British' government.

There is of course 'The Leith Question' why should The SNP et-al sit in Westminster and decide our future?

Timorous Beastie said...

Maggie Thatcher? How could you?

ziGGi said...

If only Gove had fallen under bus I'd have more hope

Sarah said...

I bet Nick Clegg, even in his wildest dreams, a couple of weeks ago hadn't thought he would be in the position he is now. (so there's the proof positive thinking works!). It will only take an illness or some such thing to incapacitate Dave and he will be ruling the world!
I wish them luck....but am feeling hopeful!

Rog said...

I thought this was coments(0)!!

Impot: My Grannie brought up 11 kids in the Gorbals and was a staunch Tory voter - she must have been the last one! The answer is total Independence and rule from Edinburgh - bring it on!

Dave: Sarah has already accused me of being a Stalinist this week so I'm on a floating brief.

Malc: Independence and self government with all NS Oil revenue is the answer. On the plus side, continued free education and care for the elderly. On the minus side, Alex Salmond is your PM.

Jon: I'm with you. We can reinstate Hadrian's Wall which is in your back garden.

Timorous: From memory, it was the sheer impotence of Sailor Ted Heath coupled with the sheer arrogance of Arthur Scargill.

Ziggi: I've not seen Michael Gove. Have I got a rude awakening in store?

Sarah: A week is a long time in politics. I really do hope it works and get a bit annoyed by the Twats on Twitter who think 128 characters of badly spelt swearing counts as intellectual debate. They would do better under Jeremy Clarkson.

Geoff said...

I've never voted for a party leader but for my local Labour candidate except for that one time when I voted tactically to keep out the Tory scum and the Lib Dem twat came third.

Harold Pinter also voted for Thatcher and then later railed against the Iraq War so you're in good company.

Macy said...

I have a VERY bad feeling about any government that has both GOVE and OSBORNE in the cabinet...
Mark my words young Rog, it will end in tears

impoftheyard said...

Just to clarify on my comment above. I do not advocate Scottish Nationalism. Jon, I am in agreement with you about Scotland's economic survival being dependent on being part of the UK. I am also not a great fan of any kind of nationalism.

Mr VeryVeryBored said...

Macy is right there about Gove. He gets touted as one of the Tories' rising stars whereas it is profoundly obvious to even the most casual observers that he is a chinless twat.

Loathed as I am Rog, whilst holding my nose and feeling my skin crawl right off, I am inclined to agree with you. This is a truly fascinating time for our politics - all over by Xmas will reveal Messrs Clegg and Cameron as the empty plastic vessels that they come across as. Still going in 5 years will show that our politicians have emerged from puberty.

Mr VeryVeryBored said...

oh, and where has my 'blog chums' link gone, huh? I'll give you a 5% cut in income tax if you put it back on - you send an extraordinary amount of traffic my way!

Anonymous said...

They say that no matter who you vote for the Government always get in. I think it will be the same medicine as before. Nothing with change, except the names of the gangsters creaming off the taxpayers money to line their own pockets.

I scribbled all over my voting slip because they are all as bad as each other!

Rog said...

Geoff: Pinter always seemed faintly ridiculous with his effing and blinding when he was actually married to Dame Magnesia Freelove. The expression "Tory Scum" seems also slightly ridiculous when uttered by accountants and retired civil servants. Even Wolfie Smith is now a respected thespian luvvie. The class war is sooo last century my dears.

Macy: I'm encouraged that Vince is sitting next to George to show him the sums. You won't get this class stuff in New Zealand. Providing the Maoris continue to be subjugated and kept in their place of course.

Impot: Alright, you can stay.

Mr VVB: The words "agrre witgh you" caught my eye and your admirable pragmatism will earn you a well deserved place on my sideboard.

Keith: I think a more original protest would have involved Origami. A flying ballot paper would have caused much consternation, particularly during the Ash crisis. Loved your "98.6" single by the way.