Tuesday, 13 July 2010

My Weekend in Pictures

We had guests staying at the weekend. As one of them was Big Nana we had to make special efforts with big Strawberries so this was on the menu:

As it was the hottest weekend since Records began (that was when wax cylinders died out due to melting) we had to have every window in the house wide open each night. Fortunately the kindly staff at Railtrack had lined up some nocturnal entertainment behind our house in the form of a crack formation team of noise making machines.
They took the line out, dug 3 feet below the line, replaced it and put the line back. Not very quietly.

There were hot dogs in the garden:

And when I did the car boot sale on Sunday I met this bloke wandering around with a 7 week old chihuahua. Turned out he wasn't giving the little soul an outing, he was selling them at £300 each. I should have noticed his T Shirt.


Z said...

Oh I say, what a gorgeous pavlova. I should think that Nana was Very Big by the time she'd eaten that.

I'm surprised at Railtrack - they missed an opportunity to close the line during the day and bus all their passengers at no extra charge for the increased time of journey.

I should think Mr G was one of the 9000 knobheads on the Moat facebook site, wouldn't you? Hope the puppy goes to a good home, whether or not it came from one.

Dave said...

I was going to ask whether you got a bun with the hot dog for £300, but I'm still thinking about the pavolova.

Sarah said...

What kind of people you wonder, buy a dog costing £300 from a car boot sale?? barf barf

Scarlet Blue said...

I can't cope with the puppy pic - I will worry until you can tell me what happened to it!????

nuttycow said...

That puppy is too cute. Did you buy it?!

Zig said...

pavlova is my favourite

Rog said...

Z: Yes, yes and yes. They did close the line all day but saved the noisy stuff for night time.

Dave: They don't call you Mr Pavlova-lova for nothing.

Sarah: Mugs.

Scarlet: I'm sure he's in a nice little house now and not on a string in front of a closed Woolworths.

Nutty: Two dogs is the legal limit in our house now I'm afraid.

Zig: Is Dave still coming down - or a merangue? (am er ong...geddit?!!!)

Macy said...

£300 for a Chihuahua??? Jeez if they're selling dogs by the square inch Lily must be worth over a grand...

Rog said...

Macy: Much more than that!