Friday, 27 August 2010

The impossible Quiz!

The trouble with doing a blog quiz is the availability of Mr Google to make it too easy.

Here's a really tough one that won't be so easy to Google so I will be absolutely astounded if anyone gets more than half the answers. There may be more than one answer to some of these of course.

Which Pop Tunes mention in their lyrics the following places?

1. Oklahoma City ✔ Rolling Stones - Route 66

2. Camber Sands ✔ Squeeze - Pulling Mussels from a shell

3. Allentown ✔ Billy Joel - Allentown, they're pullin all the factories down

4. Te Awamutu ✔ Crowded House - Mean to Me

5. Saganaw ✔ America -  Simon & Garfunkel

6. Liverpool or Rome ✔ - Rotterdam Beautiful South

7. Stainsby ✔ Stainsby Girls - Chris Rea

8. Cullercoats ✔ Tunnel of Love - Dire Straits

9. Feltham ✔ Feltham is calling Out - Hard Fi

10. Preston ✔ Happy Mondays or IDIOT JOHNSON

11. Stockbridge ✔ Sweet Baby James - James Taylor

12. Redwood. ✔ Heart of Gold - Neil Young


Rosie said...

Come on! Come on! One of them maybe those ladies from down South...the un something...winter something...undead,,,nope, I give up.

Sarah said...

I'm just sure you are sitting there sniggering...and that these 'towns' are in fact Rog stylee puns or misheard lyrics. But can I put my finger on any of them......Hmmm

Where's that bloke who is so good at popular culture when you need him?

Dave said...

I think you mean me, Sarah.

I also think these are puns. Feltham certainly sounds rude. Stainsby has something to do with Bill Clinton.

Unfortunately none of these appear to be hymns, so I'm out of my specialist area.

Rog said...

At this point I put my Jeremy Paxman sneer on and look horrified that you people of the 21st Century don't have an intimate knowledge of my record collection.


Vicus Scurra said...

I recognise three. I am hoping the rest are not from my era, or that we have differing tastes.

Oklahoma City - Route 66
Saginaw (did you spell it with an "a" to confound google/) - America
Stockbridge - Sweet Baby James.

My name is Vicus and I am an old fart.

Rog said...

Vicus: I never expected you to go to the top of the class! You have plucked out all 3 1960's choons with a plumb.

Richard said...

What Vicus said and 6 is that thing by the Beautiful South, 7 is Stainsby Girls by Chris Rea (one of my guilty pleasure, I'm afraid), 8 is Tunnel of Love by Dire Straits ("from Cullercoats to Whitley Bay").

The rest you can sort out yourself.

Dave said...

No 6 is Rotterdam, by Beautiful South, so my builder's mate tells me.

Rog said...

Richard: Good man. 3 more points.

Numbers 1,5,6,7,8 and 11 done - half way.

Song No 12 was almost the 1960's.

Rog said...

Dave: Richard just beat you to the buzzer there!

brokenbiro said...

Is No. 4 from one of those spacey Beatles/ George Harrison numbers? ... or even (long shot) The Man Who Found God on the Moon by Mike McGear?... I can hear it but just that bit...
No. 12 'The Redwood Stage is comin' on over the hill/ whip crack away, whip crack away...'?

Dave said...

Can't think why I didn't get No 2 before. It's Reverend & The Makers 'Heavyweight Champion Of The World' isn't it?

Dave said...

Oh, and Crowded House, 'Mean To Me' of course.

Rog said...

Broken Biro: Thanks for reminding me of Mike McGear. The Scaffold was too good for him Guv!

Dave: I bet you Googled Te Awamutu you competetive Grandad you!

Yes Number 4 is the either Split Enz or Crowded House as the Finn Home Town was so good they mentioned it twice.

Geoff said...

Too late for the easy ones.

I'm gonna leave old Allentown by Roger Whittaker.

Z said...

No, darling, I've no idea. I'd have been none the wiser (nor yet better informed) had I called by this morning.

Tim Footman said...

12 is Heart of Gold by Neil Young.

Tim Footman said...

And is there not a Billy Joel song called Allentown?

Rog said...

Geoff: I really thought you'd get number 2!

Z: And you in the top 100 World Rankings of IAssociate?!

Timster: Yes and Yes! Geoff probably knew that but wouldn't admit to knowing it. Good work.

Dave said...

I gave the answer to no. 2, but you haven't shown it. The whole world hates me.

Rog said...

Dave: Oh you hip young Google-Dude! I had to watch the video to ascertain that you are indeed correct! I'm leaving it open as there is an older and more famous answer in which the place pops up in the first line. One point though.

Christopher said...


*swims out to sea and is never seen again*

Z said...

I can't remember if I've bragged about that, or whether you've looked it up, Rog.

*throws Chris a lifebelt and a consoling copy of Saki*

Geoff said...

And I used to sing Heart of Gold (badly)!

I do know the Camber Sands one but my brain isn't working. Didn't Bowie pass it on the way from Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads?

beth said...

Feltham = Hard Fi
Camber Sands = Squeeze
Preston ..... I'll have to get back to you on that one

Tim Footman said...

I think there was a Happy Mondays song that referred to Preston, but the title contained the sort of language that necessitates smelling salts.

Tim said...

Number 10 - is it Frank Sinatra? Actually, I might be confusing Preston with Chicago.

Zig said...

No2 - Pulling Mussels - Squeeze

Zig said...

on no see! You haven't updated and beth already said it! But I never read them first honest injun!

Macy said...

Camber Sands turns up on a Fatboy Slim EP... but I didn'thave you down as a Fatboy Slim fan...

Rog said...

Right I'm back from the Peak District!

Well done everyone - I really didn't expect all bar 1 to be got. You are the Eggheads crossed with Only Connect and Mike Reid in your bountiful knowledge.

PRESTON: If you count Happy Mondays you gottem all, but I was really looking for the rising young superstar on the very cusp of stardom Mr Idiot Johnson and a track named after his blog from the Girl On a Train Extended Play and fully Barcoded CD. What do you mean you've never heard of it?