Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A complete Aerosol

I really don't know what our youth is coming to. I was in Norwich this morning and saw this disgusting defacement of a new brick wall which must have happened overnight.

If anyone knows the culprit I'd like to have a stern word with them about font size and forward planning.


Scarlet Blue said...

Dave is a....???
We will never know...

Rog said...

I think it must be "Wallbuilder" Scarlet.

Dave said...

'erector'. I'm pretty sure that's how it goes.

Very good Rog.

Rosie said...

Baptismbyair font?

Sarah said...

Ha ha jolly good. It looks like Dave is a w..... but I can't think what the W word would be......wonderful bloke possibly?

Christopher said...

Yes, or:

wandering minstrel
wapinshaw baillie
wholesome influence of mankind

Scarlet Blue said...


Z said...

Aw-inspiring or awful (in a God-like sense), surely.

Dave said...

Awful in the Dick Emery sense.

Rog said...

Dave: Yes, I've heard.

Rosie: It's not Times New Roman anyhoo!

Sarah: I think the popular entertainer Wayne Carr may have been mentioned.

Christopher: You are certainly three of those things. A wholesome wag with pre-minstrel tension.

Scarlet: Yubba Dubba doo!!

Z: Dave is one awsome dud. I think I may have missed an "e" there....

Dave: You are awful. No, really....

justin said...

I think it's inconsiderate of the house-owner not to have built a higher wall... as we need to know if Dave is a wanker or not.