Monday, 4 October 2010

Garage Banned

My Mum's been going on about me getting rid of the bits and bobs in her garage for months. An old ironing board, a bedhead, a drain cover etc.

It's a bit awkward now the local tip only opens at weekends but I promised her I'd get it sorted soon.

"Why are you so keen to get your garage clear anyway?", I asked yesterday.
"I'm not worried for myself. It's just that if I kick the bucket I don't want you to have all the hassle of emptying out the garage".
I didn't know what to say.


Dave said...

I appear to be suffering from deja vu. I read exactly these words somewhere else 2 minutes ago.

I've emptied the contents of two garages at my mother's over the last few years. I take everything to the tip, and next year she fills it up again.

Rosie said...

It's weird. My dad was like that . It seems everybody wants to empty the nest as they get older. They mean well but as you say, it's a shock to actually hear it.

Madame DeFarge said...

You're a good son. How kind of he to think ahead like that. Can you clear mine too?

Rog said...

Dave: Dave Ja Vue. Interest in Rubbish is directly proportionate to age - just look at my blog!

Rosie: It was the funny concept that it was me clearing the Garage in either case.

Madame: Garages are full of useful ebay stock - what time can I satrt?

brokenbiro said...

My mum will throw away anything not tied down (so dad's safe!) but you should be grateful - a recently-bereaved friend quite literally couldn't get into her deceased relative's house for stuff...

great w/v: rockaedi... sounds like a great song... but with yodelling!