Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sign of the Times

As the true extent of the cutbacks in Government Expenditure continue to emerge, the debate rages as to how far these cuts affect the poorest amongst us and how "fair" they are.

Just as an example of how difficult people are finding things, I was really quite distressed to read a story today about a woman who has reached rock bottom and has been reduced to selling bits and pieces from her unemployed husband for £10 to stretch the family budget.

This poor wretch has even sold pages from her husbands diary on eBay to supplement her meagre family income as a multi-millionaire barrister.

If you think you are worried about your benefits being cut or having to pay more for local services then just spare a thought for poor Cherie Blair. I know she will be in my prayers tonight. Along with Chris Evans, Noel Edmonds and Chris Moyles.


Christopher said...

Remember those folded paper fortune tellers at primary school? Where you chose a number and a letter, unfolded it accordingly and read YOU SMELL or YOUR BARMY? I bet those Scouse kids had a panel that read YOU LOVE THERESA BOOTH.

Rosie said...

Oh well, it's Halloween soon. She'll feel right at home.

Dave said...

I know who's on my list to be lined up against the wall and shot, come the revolution.

Z said...

It is a bit alarming when someone is so corrupt that they don't realise it, even when it's pointed out to them and can't understand the objection. Mind you, that can be said about a large proportion of MPs and ex-MPs and a fair few Lords and Ladies too.

Madame DeFarge said...

I'll organise a quick whip round at work. As public servants, we'll be sure to cough something up.

Roses said...

See what you get for 50p?

Rog said...

Christopher: I almost feel sorry for her.

Rosie: If you Google her name in Google Images it is rather frightening.

Dave: A man of the cloth writes....

Z: Sad that there are so few politicians to respect. Tony Benn is the only one I can think of off hand. And Jim Prior.

Madame: It might get a bit phlegmish though...

Roses: Several Milliseconds advice in Matrix Chambers?

Geoff said...

Tony had already sold his soul to rock 'n' roll. Or was that just an Ugly Rumour?

Roses said...

Nope. A joke that did the rounds.

When Tony moved into No. 10, he knew how important it was to remain fit. So he decided to start jogging regularly.

He took out a map, planned his route and off he went. About 10 mins into his run he realises he's running through a less than salubrious road. And there's a prostitue leaning on a lamp post, smoking, watching him run towards her. He steels himself and keeps going. Sure enough, as he comes up to her, she shouts "50 quid and I'll do whatever you want."

He shouts back, "Too dear. 50p."

At which points she laughs and cusses him goodnaturedly.

Tony likes the route he's chosen. It's challenging and he begins to look forward to the banter between himself and the ho.

"50 quid and I'll make your eyes cross." She shouts.

"50p! You're too expensive!" he puffs back.

Becomes their normal exchange.

One day Cherie decides to come with him. Tony's happy for her company until he remember the prossie. What will Cherie think of the exchange? They start on their run and he really starts to worry.

Then turn the bend and sure enough, there's the prostitue and she's looking at the two of them. She watches them approach and says nothing. They run up to her and she still hasn't said anything. Tony breathes a sigh of relief.

Until, they've run past her. She puts out her fag, grinds it under her leopard print stiletto and shouts.

"See what happens when you only spend 50p!"

Roses said...
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Roses said...

Sorry bout that Rog, I have no idea why blogger posted that twice. Especially since you have wv, which should stop that from happening.

Rog said...

Geoff: He was driving down the M6 looking for the Liverpool turn-off. Then he met her.

Roses: It was funnier the first time!

Keith said...

If you have a whip round for Cherie then I want first lash!