Thursday, 19 May 2011

Koast to Koast Day 2

Just arrived in York and have left the Dales behind after day 2. Mostly flat tomorrow but longest mileage.
To everyone who has given generously of money and encouragement to thankyou very much indeed!
Here's a picture from yesterday for others - give us your flock and money!


Z said...

I never thought I'd laugh at a quote from Saint Bob! Good luck for tomorrow.

Errol said...


That's flocking marvellous!

Anonymous said...

I had trouble loading the donation page. Then my modem went wacky. But I am determined, with Kaz and others in mind.

I'm wondering how you'll manage when it rains. (It always bloody rains up there!)

Rog said...

Z: most kind

Erroll: ewe little devil

MiT: you've got modems already? It's going to be warm and sunny today but the outlook for my legs is far from sunny

Dave said...

Never mind, it's the Rapture on Saturday.

Macy said...

You've started this bike ride from hell already???
Without months of preparation???
without dodoging out due to training injuries at the last minute???
Erm... GO ROG!

Rog said...

Dave: it's the Rupture I've been more concerned about

Macy: I'm just slightly out of my comfort zone. But I've just finished so , erm, Yay!!!!