Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Koast to Koast News - 1

Have I mentioned I'm cycling the Coast to Coast and you can sponsor me (see sidebar) for Ovarian Cancer Action?

This is the route:

And this is the route sideways:

It's a bit like cycling the features of General De Gaulle. We'll be doing an Edward Heath and getting up his nose about 4.00pm on Wednesday.

Me and my Bro pedal off from sunny Morecambe on Wednesday Morning at 9.00am (the youngsters will be getting out of bed at 11.00 and still catching us up by Lancaster) so feel free to line the streets and wave those Union Jacks which appear to be on offer everywhere for some reason. Gay Bunting is still perfectly legal in parts of the Pennines.

I'm sorry if I've gone on a bit about the sponsorship but THANKYOU for such a splendid support from all those listed in my sidebar. You are heart-warming treasures every one.

You can go on about the charity stuff just a little too much sometimes - I remember Mr Geldof getting all cross when Messrs Jagger & Bowie did a video murdering "Dancing in the Street" on Live Aid. "Mick & David did all THIS so give us ye folk in MONEY!", hectored Mr G. I just thought to myself "No they didn't, they did it to satiate their super-expanded egos, the preening loons!".

However in this case, Kaz was such a major and selfless contributor to the World of Blogging for about five years and it seemed wrong that she slipped away on Valentines Day without a proper send off from her Blogging Chums. So please get over there and chip in - you know who you are!

I may be a preening loon but it's a jolly good cause.

Watch this space for updates live from the actual route.


Dave said...

I will be waving a flag at my desk for you.

Sarah said...

Wadago Idaho !

Nota Bene said...

That route sideways looks mighty tricky...I'd stick to doing it normally...

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Missing Kaz

Good luck with the fundraising

Scarlet Blue said...

Good Luck!!!
Hope you get some good cycling weather - not too hot or too cold.

WV: pumper !!!

Z said...

I say, this is going to be quite exciting, live-blogging on your iPhone while cycling. I shall wave the Sage's flag, which he keeps in his wind-up gramophone (it dates from the coronation of George VI, I think) in your honour.

Geoff said...

OK, Tokyo! South America! Australia! France! Germany! UK! Africa!

All the best, Rog. Watch out for those Yorkshire cliffs!

Rog said...

Dave: you'd look better waving from my sidebar

Sarah: Idaho much too far

Nota: I'm also beginning to regret going for the uni cycle as well

Gerald: hallo! Just clink the link to chip in or post a small cheque direct to the charity

Scarlet: I'm afraid it's pissing down here this morning. I foresee a chafing issue raising its ugly head

Z: that wonderful image will spur me on through the wind and rain!

Geoff: thanks for the tip - I didn't know about Cliff's super injunction

Sir Bruin said...

As one biker to another, I salute you, sir. Keep the rubber side down.

Dave said...
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