Wednesday, 15 June 2011

If you've got the odd 20 minutes to spare, this is pure genius!


Pat said...

Blimey it looks cold.
We visited Dartmouth in the eighties when our nephew was there.

Martin H. said...

I really enjoyed this. The closing ten minutes or so, are an echo of my own beliefs. Fear of failure is surely one of the most corrosive elements in society, today.

In turn, you may enjoy the clip at the end of this post.

Tim said...

Yes. You start off thinking 'why isn't this guy the President of ... erm ... the Universe?' But then you realise: if he was offered the job, he'd turn it down with a wave of his hand and 'nah, post doesn't exist. Or if it does, it shouldn't.'

Tim Footman said...

My graduation ceremony was like this. Except we had popular short gay dancer Wayne Sleep, and he made a convoluted joke about the Seven Dwarfs, and then said that the university should open a fully fledged school for the performing arts, like on Fame.

So, yeah, not quite like this.

Dave said...

I can remember nothing of any speeches at my graduation ceremony. I don't think anyone famous was there.

Except me, of course.

Christopher said...

The most pressing problem surrounding graduation is how to keep your mortarboard on in a strong wind.

Bizarrely, your w v today is 'agluedge', which might be the answer to the problem. (I wonder about these w vs. Is the 'word' tailored according to the language of the country of origin? The speaker ducked this question.)

Rog said...

Pat: it's an exposed navel college

Martin: inspiration - valuable commodity these days

Tom: agreed!

Tim F: Why didn't you do the show right there?!

Dave: you graduated?!

Christopher: there's mortar wv than you realise

Roses said...

I would have loved either of my addresses to be this much fun, this relevant and this profound.

It's never too late eh?

Z said...

I will listen to it, really, as soon as I have twenty minutes to spare.