Saturday, 17 September 2011

Incessant Pointless Barking

There will be a short intermission.

Here's a nice short guide to PBGV's in the meantime:


Dave said...

Off on holiday again? But your whole life is the kind of holiday we all aspire to.

Macy said...

I hope you're not hinting that Lily's one of those dogs who barks for hours and hours and hours....

Martin said...

Happy hols, Rog.

Z said...

Lily is adorable enough to make me overlook having to keep her on the lead outside. I'd adopt her any time.

Have a lovely time, Rog.

Christopher said...

Lil and her pals are entirely justified in barking from dawn till dusk and all night long in indignation at those woeful American attempts to pronounce her breed.

Happy hols!

Anonymous said...

Lil looks more like a dreamer than a barker.
Have fun.

Rog said...

Dave: I know, I'm sorry.

Macy: It's just from a cartoon - Two dogs talking, one says "I used to have a dog but I've now gone back to pointless incessant barking". Dave will be able to say that now.

Martin: Cheers!

Z: Many thanks. Lil is having a wonderful time off her lead with the sea one side and 100ft cliffs the other.

Christopher: Yes it does grate slightly but that's where all the PBGV's seem to have run off to.

Lettie: Yes you are spot on. She does a lot of thinking does our Lil.