Monday, 14 November 2011

Christmas Rush

We went away up North at the weekend for a nice quiet, relaxing, get-away-from-it break from our hugely enjoyable but nevertheless 16/7 business.

Walking through Lancaster High Street on Saturday afternoon I was struck by what a bun-fight the weekend retail experience is these days. I suppose it's the early Christmas rush (a huge relief to shops blighted by the intemperate weather we had this time last year) but it didn't feel at all relaxing or enjoyable to jostle elbows-akimbo with a seething mass of grim faced humanity in pursuit of over-packaged seasonal "stuff". Perhaps I'm getting old. Perhaps I've lived too long in the backwaters of Norfolk where shopping is an activity one can still carry out on a bicycle. Perhaps I'm just dreaming of olden days ATV Christmas shopping embodied by a happy gang of grinning celebrities in knitted bobble hats and scarves walking through Woolworths carrying armfuls of gift wrapped boxes. Now we just get this up-itself rubbish which is really taking the smiths:

On returning home this Monday morning it was quite a surprise to find that a lot of people had sensibly avoided the drive into towns and cities and had availed themselves of our eBay store where lovely green-friendly vintage items will be brought directly to their front door anywhere in the World by a jolly celebrity in a knitted bobble hat and scarf.


Martin said...

Christmas shopping, online? I wouldn't have it any other way. I was forewarned about the JL advert, by my daughter, so have given it a miss.

Geoff said...

The Morrisons ad with Brucie & Flintoff is the one to watch this year. They're discussing the game pie. Freddie says "Good game, good game," and Brucie tells him to Flintoff.

Z said...

Well, I'd have missed that if not for you, Rog.

Thank you very sodding much.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Rog. You make selling online sound a perfect doddle. Is it?

Anonymous said...

I miss Woolworths. The Woolworths of my youth that is.
Oh well, must try not to scowl grimly when I go shopping for Christmas I suppose.

Rog said...

Martin: Yes, how DOES an 8 year old get to an out of town John Lewis?

Geoff: I'm not even sure if you're making that up. That's how surreal advertising has become.

Z: all part of the service!

Mike & Ann: We've had a few year's practice now but it is easy enough if you:
a. Treat buyers with the same service you would expect yourself
b. Use lots of pictures (not Picasa!)
c. Make sure you have overseas shipping costs listed via DHL or post.

Mig: That's the wonder of Woolworths. That's the wonder of good old Woolies.

Macy said...

I still can't believe I've actually started my Christmas shopping already....maybe I should do Christmas 2012 while I'm at it...

Rosie said...

But...what are you selling? Any chance of an English cheese hamper?