Friday, 4 November 2011

On the Beech

Beech leaf carpet on the moat
In surface tension caught
4th November, misty morn
And I'm still in my shorts.


Martin said...

Are you shore about that, Rog?

Rosie said...

Bucketing here but twenty degrees. Leaves starting to fall...

Mike and Ann said...

You are very privileged to live in a moated home, Rog.
Been tiddling down here. I think it will bring loads of the leaves down. Still, it's been one of the best autumns, for weather and leaf colours, that I can remeber.

Z said...

That looks marvellous, though you should rake the leaves out really. They will rot and you will have a whiff of stagnant mud when you emerge after your pre-breakfast swim.

Do you also have peacocks on the lawn?

Martin said...

Rog, what a pleasant surprise to find you in the Age of Uncertainty

Roses said...

Lovely pome, Rog.

Does your moat have a monster?

Rog said...

Martin: Leave it!

Rosie: My shorts have never made it through till bonfire night before!

Mike & Ann: Yes it's been like New England in the Fall here!

Z: The moat is actually 2 miles from our house. And we don't have a big garden. Although there are Peacocks in it from time to time.

Martin: I've been duplicated! There's a lot of it about in Blogland. I must go and join in - it looks a good read.

Roses: It does have its own Heron, but I've never managed to creep up near enough for a pic. My photographic assistants don't help.

Z said...

I was joking, Rog darling. Your scrupulous honesty does you credit, however. Mind you, we've already got a stream running through our garden, I'm eyeing that, wondering if I could divert it to encircle the house.