Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

When a National Emergency arrives it's heartening how we all pull together and our gallant Nation really shows its true grit.

A few inches of snow have fallen and we hold our collective breath in anxious anticipation whilst crack teams of over-stretched outside broadcast Television units maintain their frozen vigil at the gates of the municipal grit supply depots. It makes one proud to be British. Or English. Or EU etc.

And in the same way that Facebook played its part in the Arab Spring ("M. Gaddaffi is playing Angry Birds - LOL" , so we turn to Twitter for assistance and information about the "Norfolk Spring" as the drifts mount up. This little chap was Tweeting "Wot about some blinking seed and nuts you bastards", which was probably a bit forward of him.

This plucky lass rushed out to feed the poor lambs in such a hurry she forgot to put any shoes on, which in my experience is a dangerous strategy in our garden where two dogs roam wild. Even when there is no snow.

And other small wildlife gather:

Here's Grumpy:

And Itchy:


And Dopey:


Nota Bene said...

Are these all from M Gadaffi's Angry Birds game?

How did you get them to pose like that

Martin said...

Great shots, but you did exceptionally well to snap the Lesser-shod Blue Foot.

Liz said...

Very nice photos.
Is that Mrs Rine with no shoes on? I wouldn't walk around the house barefoot in this weather, never mind outside!

Rog said...

Nota: I certainly didn't catapault them at some bricks if that's what you think!

Martin: Yes, she's the "Hardy" in "Freeman Hardy & Willis".

Liz: I'm with you on that. I needed assistance removing my wellies this morning!

Macy said...

Well this is a first... checking on the big freeze down south!
Any bird with any sense should be flying to the tropics of Edinburgh right now.

Z said...

I've been wearing two pairs of socks as well as shoes. Blimey, Mrs Rine needs my motherly eye kept on her, foolhardy girl. Hope you've got the Snowfire ready for her chilblains.

mig bardsley said...

She didn't have frostbite then?
Splendid pair of foot that. I have some envy.

Gabrielle Bryden said...

haha - gorgeous photos of the birds :) - that snow looks very cold!

Rog said...

Macy: We got your drift for a change. ("got your drift" - I may have to go and lie down now)

Z: she's a northern lass, although she did think about putting a coat on yesterday.

Mig: not many shoe shops round here - the nearest is based above a local children's nursery. "The Sole of Diss Crèche"

Gab: Snow is like a Madonna Album. Beautifully packaged and attractive but cold hearted and quickly turning to slush.

Pat said...

Lovely wild life shots. I bought 6 months supply of fat balls yesterday and the blighters are ignoring them.
I remember years ago on a skiing trip in Aviemore and people couldn't understand why I had bare feet in clog sandals to go twixt flat and restaurant.

Rog said...

Pat: They can be picky little so and so's! They don't normally wear clogs on bare feet at the Columbridge.

Christopher said...

From the sunny S of France I feel your pain, as the double glazing salesman said.