Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Bigger Picture

Last night we watched Andrew Marr's programme about the new David Hockney Exhibition at the Royal Academy in London. It's inspired me to get down there before it closes in April.

Hockney came over as a likeable and engaging 75 year old with a strong work ethic driving him to put his artistic talents their fullest use. Part of his secret is his willingness to embrace new methods and processes, notably his amazing iPad landscapes which filled an entire gallery and his live montages produced from 9 connected digital movie cameras.

The huge landscapes depicting the rolling hills and lanes above his Bridlington base reminded me of the glorious landscapes I had cycled through on the last leg of my Way of The Roses trip last May. I must have cycled within a couple of miles of his tree tunnel, although I was puffing like a burke and he was puffing in a Merc. (2/10 Ed).

His fascination with seasons and the continuous change they invoke on the English landscape mirrors my own. As one becomes older one either gets obsessive about the seasons or the bin collections and the former has got to be healthier. I did take a picture every day of a lane near our house over a 12 month period but the results weren't good enough to show in the RA, and I love the idea of stitching pictures together on my iPhone - here's one I did yesterday to try (unsuccessfully) to capture a rainbow.


Nota Bene said...

I have more than a passing respect for the man even though he did pinch the idea of stitching pictures together from me (!) You may not have captured the rainbow, but lovely pic nonetheless

Martin said...

We watched that programme, too. We also saw one previously that focused on the actual painting of the 'The Bigger Picture'. I like Hockney, the man, and his work. His comments about craft and poetry will stick for some considerable time. I'd love to get along to London, but just can't find the time. Hope you'll report back, after your visit.

Roses said...

I think as I get older, I become more aware and realise how much I am influenced by the seasons, the weather and the landscape in which I live.

Putting roots down in Norfolk and in the UK remains one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Rog said...

Nota: How much have you made out of the patents? Nota Bene?

Martin: Nice to hear an artist talk about the work ethic! I'll certainly be reporting back.

Roses: It's a great time of year as greens turn to reds - or is that your credit card statement from the garden centre?

mig bardsley said...

I read about this in the Radio Times a few weeks ago. Then missed the programme!
He is great, I've always loved his paintings.
I like the framing of the rainbowless photo(s)

Roses said...

We don't talk about my credit card round here.

It's currently quivering in a darkened room thanks to my splurge on Shiny Things.

dinahmow said...

My Suffolk blog friend went to have a look and has a good post here:

Too bad it will be gone by the time I arrive.

Rog said...

Mig: Shame you missed it even ion iPlayer but I daresay it will be repeated soon.

Roses: You're so shallow rooted :-)

Dinah: Thanks for that - it's interesting to compare notes.

Pat said...

I;ve always liked Hockney and his work and his work ethic. Yes I know he's a Yorkshire man but there are exceptions.
At one time he was said to be practically blind.