Monday, 16 April 2012

A Short Post

Saturday was the ancient feast of St Michael-in-the-Precinct when all good Norfolk men repair to the hallowed site of St Marticus and St Sparticus to invest in short trousers, an act of primeval faith that the snow and hail is about to give way to warmer days.

Weak spindly white saplings are slowly frost hardened until they grow tanned and hairy by October when they will be once again wrapped away in denim or corduroy.

By no means a regular purchaser of new clothes ("understatement of decade" : ed) I was rather smug to find that I still comfortably fitted into a size 36 waist and appeared to have avoided becoming morbidly obese over the Winter. This self-satisfied smirk quickly slipped away when I got home and I noticed the label declaring these shorts had an "active waist".

I'd bought a pair of elastic sided shorts.


Martin said...

I've sometimes been called an 'inactive waste'.

Macy said...

Dead impressive how you and Lily are colour coordinated in tasteful shades of brown and all.

Rog said...

Martin: I can't believe that!

Macy: Taupe is the new black down here!

Zig said...

an active waist? a heeby jeeby waist :)

Anonymous said...

Too bad your head is not in view - I imagine you with Lily-type ears. Or at least a Biggles helmet. ;-)

Roses said...

Bet you've got your legs well covered up again. It's miserable out there!


Rog said...

Zig: we'd all like a hereby Jeremy waist!

Dinah: how on EARTH did you know that?!

Roses: no going bacteria till October now - it's a question of honour.

mig bardsley said...

You look tremendously active hurdling that log.

Gabrielle Bryden said...

Gigglesnort :) Biggles in action!

Z said...

I'm bare legged too and expect to freeze miserably for the next few days until I re-acclimatise.

Sir Bruin said...

Looking at the picture, it appears that you have some threads hanging from the hem of your shorts - no, wait, it's your legs.

Rosie said...

Active waist...brilliant idea. Freezing over here. Only the tourists in shorts.

Christopher said...

Yes, April is the cruellest month.

(Cf. T.S.Eliot, The Waist Land)

Scarlet Blue said...

Shorts??? Are you bonkers??? It's freezing here.
I will be having a shorts competition soon. You could be a likely contender.
Plus they have a very active waist.

Rog said...

Mig: Logrolling has always been my thing

Gabby: Biggles Flies South!

Z: You should keep the Sari look though.

Sir B: Hardy Har!

Rosie: We will prevail!

Christopher: I await the Darling Buds of May

Scarlet: I think it's my Scottish genes seeping through