Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Lily goes to the Beach

Lily the rescued PBGV is into her fourth year with us and currently enjoying her last week of being an "only dog" before we pick up her new little sister.

She's really beginning to feel like a real grown up dog and playing nicely on a beach without attacking or escaping. It's a real pleasure to see her running free at last.


Roses said...

Isn't she lovely? (in a Stevie Wonder kind of way)

She's such a sweetheart, I can totally see why Z was smitten with her.

Maybe it's time she had her own fan club and facebook page?

Nota Bene said...

Lovely beach, lovely dog and where did you get that sunshine?

Z said...

How absolutely delightful and what a happy, trusting little dog. Now she's finally perfect!

Paff Rine said...

Roses, don't encourage Rog re Facebook!
Nota, we did have sunshine, but notice I have my coat fully fastened!
Z, she is certainly much better than she was, but we wouldn't risk freedom in a field. A beach has fewer rabbits :)

mig bardsley said...

That's absolutely lovely. She's a darling. I love the 3 dog silhouette sequence.

Pat said...

Life is so very exciting!
I remember that wind:)
Perfect music!

Rog said...

Mig: the labs didn't really want to play but she's a free spirit

Pat: we were well impressed with Filey - much nicer than Scarborough

Zig said...

Have you caught her again yet?

Rog said...

Zig - I caught up with her in the last 2 furlongs at Catterick