Saturday, 23 June 2012

New Girls Report - Week 2

The new girl in school, HOLLY, has now completed 2 weeks in her first Junior class and appears to be settling in well.

She is getting on quite well with the senior pupils but can be a little boisterous at times and the prefect Lily has had to have a quiet word.

She has spent rather a lot of her free time watching television programmes and takes a particular interest in Wildlife specials, Blackbeard, Ronnie Barker and Springer Watch. Any suggestions from staff as to other suitable programmes would be welcome.

There has been the odd kerfuffle in the dorm when she gets lonely and creeps into bed with the older pupils. It's a big problem in some public schools apparently.

The good news is that she is showing great keenness in woodwork and other practical studies. It's early days, but if the school could produce a competent Moler the Head of Infrastucture would be overjoyed.
She has also shown some interest in History lessons. Tales of her great Uncle Ozwald the Impaler have proven particularly fascinating although it is hoped she will not develop ALL his proclivities.


Martin said...

You'll probably have to buy the DVDs, but I'm sure Holly would appreciate a few laughs from Kennel Everett.

dinahmow said...

'm sure Elevated Senior Prefect Murph will prevail,
Hugs to all.

Roses said...

Isn't she a cutie?

Glad to hear she's settling in well.

How are you coping being surrounded by so many gorgeous females?

Rog said...

Martin: Far Kennel! It's in the best possible tase.

Dinah: Ah yes! Thanks good lady.

Roses: It's a tough gig alright!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report - haha - it's made my day and put a smile on my dial :)

Liz said...

She looks too grown-up to be a puppy and she already has that slightly affronted look that Oz used to wear.

Pat said...

They epitomise - to me - scallywags. No pun intended.

Rog said...

Gab: dinkum mate!

Liz: spot on! She's a lot lighter than Oz and has longer legs so Usain Bolt needs to worry

Pat: that's exactly what I call them! Hollywag and Lilywag.

mig bardsley said...

Isn't she lovely. Almost I could think about getting another dog.

Rog said...

Mig: A small ship's dog is compulsory on the canals surely?