Thursday, 26 July 2012


Do you ever come across people that come up to you and earnestly ask your opinion about a course of action they are considering and you know they are going to completely ignore whatever you say? I came across a good expression for this particular person the other day - "ask hole".

Anyway, be that as it may, I was intrigued to be added to a Facebook group by the lovely Roses this week. It was a group called "Bloggers" and appeared to comprise several familiars from my Blogroll chatting away. This might be a new direction, I thought, as it was a bit like the comments section of blogs which is often the most interesting part where one interacts with one's fellow blogging chums. Blogging appears to have tailed off a bit over the last 12 months and several stalwarts have faded away and many more have migrated to the gad-fly of communication - Twitter. Google Plus showed some promise earlier this year but seems to have become a Tumbleweed strewn desert, so a Facebook Group might be the answer.

Er, no. It became apparent that the Bloggers Facebook Group was fast filling up with new members as they could be added without consent by existing members - it quickly became lots of tedious posts about why such-and-such had been added and why email notifications had been turned on for every post and lots of people explaining why they hadn't blogged for some time. It was an attempt to produce a jam sandwich but missing out the bread. In NOTW style, I made an excuse and left.

I believe Blogging still has a positive future but perhaps not as intense as it once was. It kept me sane in my previous hated employment and for that I'll always be grateful but like most things in life you tend to get out of it what you put in. There are many bloggers out there who still put a great deal of effort into producing well-written, thoughtful posts which will always stimulate a readership....there's a full list on the right hand side of this page.

What we don't require is tedious self-obsessed dissection of process rather than substance. A bit like this post. Cheers!


Z said...

Well, like Twitter and Facebook, I'm quite happy to watch what goes on and add a comment every so often. But I've not really got time for more if I intend to keep on blogging.

dinahmow said...

I also opted out from that group.
I know that "busy" is seldom a valid reason for not doing things, but I have not even written new posts for weeks and still my in tray exceeds my out tray.
I do still like blogging, but lately feel that I'm out of sparkling ideas. Used up my quota elsewhere, I expect!
Of course, the fact that I do not like Facebook probably influenced me!

gabriellebryden said...

'ask hole' bwqahahahaha, gigglesnort (I may have to use that next time someone asks me for unwanted advice).

broken biro said...

I did the same as you, Rog! At least a blog post generally starts out with some sort of focus before the comments segue into witty banter and name-calling!

Mike and Ann said...

I use my blog as a sort of journal, I think, although only about a third of what we do is recorded on it.
I'm on facebook, but I only use it for playing scrabble these days. Of the five scrabble games I have going at the moment, three of them are with fellow bloggers :- Z, Pat, and Rog. And jolly good players they are too - All of them make me exert meself.

Rog said...

Z: Even YOU have to not spread yourself too thinly!

Di: I'm sure the sparkle will return. A few weeks away from blogging often stimulates the little grey cells.

Gab: I think is was an Australian expression - the Aussies are good at capturing the essence in a word or two.

Broken: Glad I'm not the only one who stormed out without a party bag.

Mike: If it's only a third then your lives must be so much busier than mine!

broken biro said...

They had party bags? *storms back in*

mig bardsley said...

Now I see why I've never understood Facebook - it was all that jam.

Macy said...

Glad to see I still count as a blogger seeing's as I'm going through one of those sporadic "keep away from people until you have something cheerful to say" phases.

I'm defnitely in that camp that enjoys the comments section as much as the blog too.
Google+ is still the best forum for doing this - the problem is we needed a critical mass of bloggers on there.

And I'm on FB, but it's a bit on the juvey side. Ah don't write on walls

So yeah, in a bit of a lull at the moment...

Tim said...

Twitter is risible
Facebook's for trogs
G+ is invisible -
You might as well blog
(after Dorothy Parker)

Pat said...

What Tim said.