Sunday, 23 December 2012

Tibetan Attitudes

We are now approaching the year end with two sadly missed treasures (My Mum and Oz) and three lovely additions (Leo, Georgia and Holly), which has a certain symmetry about it.

Since finding the book, however, Holly has shown a remarkable capacity for emulating the robust attitudes of her revered great Uncle Oz. Once I left my old Deerstalker in the hall unattended and found it in shreds but on that occasion Mrs R. reminded me "It's YOUR 'at 'e chewed". (I'm here all week).

Anyway, here's an illustration of the similarities:




Anonymous said...

Dogs are like that!

Anonymous said...

another woof/thought balloon - 'you think you're pack leader - in your dreams' ;)

Scarlet Blue said...

I read the dogument, it gave me paws for thought... I was not pack leader when my old dog was around either... he must have the German Shepherd version of The Book.

mig bardsley said...

It's good to see the the robust attitude of proper dogs is continued and appreciated.

mig bardsley said...

Oh and Happy Christmas I meant to say but I was distracted.

Macy said...

In the coming year I will be perfecting Holly's ability to think darkest thoughts, whilst continuing to look angelic.
Oh wait

Zig said...

Holly! I expect it's Lily putting her up to it all.
Happy New Year to you and Mrs R and of course to L and H. xx

Rog said...

Geiger: I've come across a few cats with attitude!

Gabby: Yes, a perfect thought balloon!

Scarlet: It was probably translated from Tibetan to German. By a Dachshund.

Mig: Yes, Lily was a bit too laid back as an only-dog. And that was only for about 3 weeks. Merry Christmas!

Macy: We've ALL read your blog Macy.

Zig: They are both short arses so need putting up to it. Merry Christmas to you and Bailey and the gang!