Thursday, 23 October 2014

New Speed Camera Loophole Exposed!!!

If you are a motorist, then you'll be delighted with this news from the EDP which exposes a hitherto unknown but gaping loophole in the law of speed cameras. In your interests of avoiding prosecution in the future I urge you to read and take note:

"Magistrates' courts could grind to a halt if thousands of motorists exploit a legal loophole unwittingly exposed by a Norfolk driver. 

Magistrates had no choice but to find Lily Bassett, of Garboldisham, not guilty of speeding when her case was heard on Thursday.

She had found a foolproof and legal way to avoid prosecution - and Norwich magistrates said they could find no way of proceeding with the prosecution.

"How did she do it?", asked our reporter when he caught up with her yesterday (The fact that he had to catch up with her may have resulted in his breathless prose).

"Simple", smiled Lily. "I used a little known technique that hardly any drivers are aware of. I drove within the speed limit".

Police have no power to compel car owners to exceed speed limits and have been expecting someone to spot the loophole.

Yesterday the Association of Road Side Experts, representing about 2,500 ARSE members, predicted drivers would soon get wind of the court case.

"Motorists are always very quick to seek any way to avoid paying for their speeding ticket, particularly when they've been caught by cameras because they resent very much the way the cameras operate," said spokesman Ivor Nowdie.

"The cameras have very much reduced public respect for the police and local authorities.

"People are only too glad to find a way to beat the system. Driving below the speed limit is something which none of us had ever thought of and it's a master stroke! It could empty the courts within weeks!"

The prospect of using the loophole could look especially appealing to people who already had endorsements on their licences, said Mr Nowdie.

"It's a useful indicator", he said. "As I never use my indicators anyway it will be doubly useful",

Mr Nowdie is the National Arse spokesman."


Mike and Ann said...

Hello Rog. I like your cunning wheeze to avoid the Magistrates' Courts. As we habitually stay within the speed limits we have no endorsements on either of our licences. The only draw back to your scheme (as far as I can see) is that we find that when we stick within the speed limit the long lines of cars, lorries, omnibuses, etc, which form up behind us always sound their motor horns at us. However, I have thought of a way round the nuisance of blaring motor horns, which I will now share with you. The trick is to make sure that all the car windows are wound up tightly, then turn off your hearing aids. This way we are hardly aware of any noise nuisance from the rests of the traffic. I do hope this helps.

Rog said...

Stout fellow Mike! A splendid additional ploy! I imagine a frustrated Peleton of frustrated Mr Toads from Wind in the Willows following and honking like a gaggle of geese. Parp Parp!

Nota Bene said...

Obviously that's ridiculous, and I insist on my Human Rights to be allowed to drive beyond the speed limit with impunity. And should I get 'caught' my wife will happily sort it out for me. Signed Mr C Huhme

Z said...

If this were to catch on, the police would not be able to afford to run their speed traps and it would not be known that people were not exceeding the limit. It's all very worrying.

An alternative to Mike's suggestion, for those not fortunate enough to use a hearing aid, is to put on a CD with a thumpy bass track and turn the volume up loud. It's nor even necessary to shut the windows for that to work, from my experience.

Rog said...

Nota: I think you mean your ex-wife?

Z: I'm sure I've heard you driving through our village?

Anonymous said...

The Gendarmes here (the Ardennes) are extremely strict so just about everyone slows down in 50km limits. That means that those who don't want to are forced to do likewise.
If that's not enough then a 90 euro fine and 3 points lost should be sufficient motivation.
There have been several casses of speed cameras being damaged by fire though.

Pat said...

Hearing aid less, it was the hooting horns that helped to drive me off the road. For which you should all give thanks.

Rog said...

Sablon: Here in Norfolk we still sit on walls pointing at cars. Very therapeutic.

Pat: At least you haven't succumbed to a mobility scooter.