Sunday, 24 May 2015

Bearly Discernable

This weekend we experienced an alien visitation. A strange QUASAR craft from the plantet IP Switch 9000 landed at the end of our village known as Crack Nell and two Ursine beings emerged blinking into the sunshine.

In order to give them a clue as to what life is like in 21st Century Britain we made them watch the entire Eurovision Song Contest and they nodded wisely. I explained that this is the only entertainment available because we as a Country are in straitened circumstances which is all the fault of the Banks.


Mike and Ann said...

Please say hello to the bears from us both - Mike and Ann.

Sir Bruin said...

Beep. From - Occupants of interplanetary craft.
Weekend entertainment was most acceptable. Beep.
Humanoid forms were non-hostile. Beep.
Pie was good. Beep.
Believe a travesty of marking was apparent during vocal competition. Beep.
Four legged furry creatures appear to be dominant life form on this habitat. Beep.

Message ends

Liz said...

What he said!

PS: I found the small furry natives very friendly. One of them seemed to have a lot to say to Sir Bruin though.

PPS: Germany nil point? It's a travesty!

Rog said...

Mike : You can no doubt do that yourself on Saturday!

Sir B: I think your last observation is the most worrying ;-)

Liz: I honestly haven't watched Eurovision since Abba won in Brighton so it was certainly an eye-opener! My £5 on a shock English victory for Elektro Velvet was a triumph of hope over experience.

savannah said...

one day, i'll have to be in your country during eurovision time. ;) love the pic. :) xoxoxo

Pat said...

Did they let you sleep in the caravan?

Anonymous said...

bwhahahahaha I think a previous years Eurovision might have been better - a bit tame this time around 😃