Friday, 13 February 2009

Dewdrop Inn

Don't you find some of these modern Pub Names annoying?

The "Frog and Blackberry", Pseudo Irish Pubs like "O'Reilly's Retreat" and anything with the word "Firkin" in it? Also those "All Bar One" type designer bars dreamt up by young bar stewards in the advertising agency.

There's nothing wrong with the old pub names but they could probably do with a 21st Century makeover in their signage. I hope you may be able to add some additional suggestions (and I know it was Countrylife and not Anchor - it didn't scan as well!).


Sir Bruin said...

I reckon that picture of Chlamydia would work as The White Horse as well. Will give thought to some others. I particularly liked the Cock and Anchor!

john.g. said...

I bet you daren't do the queen's head!

Dave said...

What's a pub?

Vicus Scurra said...

Yes, very droll.
You can have the weekend off.

Geoff said...

The Fox & Firkin had that awful t-shirt "For Fox Sake Buy Us A Firking Pint". A pint of Dogbolter was quite enough!

What about The Berkshire Huntsman with a picture of Clarkson?

Christopher Campbell-Howes said...

Some years ago I and a fellow-student actually got a GRANT to enable us to spend a long weekend travelling round Kent and Sussex pubs researching names with historical or social significance with a view to expanding this into a scholarly monograph. At that time Whitbread (I think) were into inventing whimsical names (e.g. We Three Loggerheads with a supposed reference to Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, The Startled Saint, The Cardinal's Error, The Ordinary Fellow) for their pubs, names which had little to no connection with what the locals called them. The scholarly monograph came to nothing and all the money was spent on beer.

Rog said...

Sir Bruin: Never mind the Botox!

John: No that would be treason.

Dave: Where people used to go before Facebook.

Vicus: Droll is some dort of medical lol?

Geoff: Proves my firkin point. "The Country Curate" could be Clarkson, a Tree and a Doctor.

Rog said...

Christopher: They dropped the M.B.A. then? ( Master of Beer Assimilation). I used to love Shepherd Neame Faversham Ales in Country Pubs around Canterbury - wonderful!

Mrs. Chaucer's Pirate said...

We have a pub here in Torpoint called the Trott Inn, which I rather like (the name, not the pub).

My favorite put name of all time in in Reading: The Uppin Arms. ha!

I used to fantasize about opening my own pub. It would be very old and cozy and have lots of comfy furniture and books and games that patrons could use, and I would call it The Book and Beagle. Just becuz.

KAZ said...

Isn't the Camilla one a bit previous?
Surely it should be called 'The Prince's Parasite'.

Rog said...

Mrs C: Book 'n Beagle sounds very warm and welcoming. I used to live near "The Stork at Rest" which was built on the site of an old Maternity hospital.

Kaz: She did once live on an old Military training ground - "Para Site".