Sunday, 15 February 2009

Terms of Endeerment

The other day we were walking in the snowy woods near Thetford when we saw a small deer gallop across the path in front of us. I wasn't quick enough to raise the camera so I've had to simulate the picture using Photoshop.

A few milliseconds later when my camera was primed, an exuberant spaniel burst out of the undergrowth in hot pursuit of the deer.

The Springer shot across the track, ears akimbo and disappeared stage right immediately after the deer.

Thank goodness our two canine charges are on leads - people let their dogs get up to all sorts of mischief I thought to myself, looking back to notice that there was only a single PBGV on the lead behind us. There was no sign of the Tibetan Terrier who had previously been grumpily padding along behind us with all the enthusiasm of an HBOS Director entering a Select Committee hearing.

But lo! What is this flying furball shooting from the left at an altitude of 4 feet?'s the Terrierist alright, in hot pursuit.

Within a couple of minutes Spaniel and Terrierist returned to the track and we walked on as if nothing had happened.


Dave said...

Isn't he sweet?

KAZ said...

Well if it hadn't been snowing, Oz would be perfectly camouflaged and could have enjoyed a venison dinner.

Rog said...

He's the Greg Wallace of Masterchef - short, feisty and very critical of the food he's offered.

Kaz: Yes he does look like a fir cone amongst conifers. A fir cone terrierist.

Geoff said...

That deer will exercise caution in future.

Deer prudence.

Z said...

Next time, shout 'fallow that deer' a bit quicker and it might be venison for dinner after all.

Sir Bruin said...

I imagine Oz is quite tenacious venn 'ee's on the trail?

Rog said...

Geoff: Deer Prudence! I had no eye deer.

Z: I'd need to make sure he wasn't chasing Ro.

Sir B: E's like a terrier. Not so quick to go after bears though!

Z said...

Hm. On second thoughts, maybe you could suggest a little more conversation and a little less Actaeon.

Rog said...

Z: Well crafted, Bravo!