Monday, 30 March 2009

The Ode Not Taken

"I'd like to work upon a Farm"
Sighed Oz, and Lily too,
"Those Farm Dogs have such lovely times
Knee deep in Cattle Poo!"
"They Spend all day just roaming free
And sitting up on Tractors
They bark and bark at 5 bar gates
Regardless of Risk Factors!"
But wait a mo, what of the night?
They're chained up to a post
They don't have snuggles in the house
And don't get bits of Toast.
So don't aspire to be someone else
It's not really that clever
Just make the most of who you are
You won't be here forever!


Dave said...

Well, I'm just off down the bookies to change my bet on who the next poet lauriet is going to be.

You've inspired me to write my own poem for Wednesday.

Timorous Beastie said...

A cautionary tale, indeed.

zIggI said...

tied to a post?! Most of the local ones round here are in the pub of a night after doing this!

Liz said...

I do like a good ode.

Sir Bruin and I went through a phase of writing odes to each other. I really ought to write a rhyming post one day.

KAZ said...

'Bits of Toast'?? You never told ME you get bits of toast. Do you get marmalade as well - OK I'm coming over right now.

Rog said...

Dave: You've put the Bet into Betchamin.

Timorous: A wagging tale!

Ziggi: I think that was Photoshopped.

Liz: Get rhyming , get doing, young bruin!

Kaz: It's all very crusty round here first thing in the morning!

MJ said...

Hello Rog.

I suppose you were trying to throw me off the trail by changing your blog name.

Well it didn't work!

*waits with Kaz for bits of toast and marmalade*

Z said...

Chester didn't care for plain toast. I ate mine dry, but had butter on the plate to spread on his. I made sure I got the crust though, just to demonstrate that I was still pack leader.

The very best thing for a dog to roll in, tell Oz and Lily, is donkey stallion poo in spring when the 'sap is rising'. The aroma lasts through many washes.

Rog said...

MJ: ...and I'd have gotten away with it if it hadn't have been for that pesky Kaz!!!

Z: I'd dream of being pack leader round here. Thanks for the poo tip - I won't be imparting it to team I'm afraid. Oz still remembers that idyllic badger poo - because he's worth it!

KAZ said...

MJ's a nice girl really.
She was brought up well but got in with a bad crowd.
Now where's that toast?

Geoff said...

A damn sight better than Toast by Paul Young's Streetband.

john.g. said...

Brilliant! Who wrote that for you?


Rog said...

Kaz: Certainly on Friday. We don't have Warburton's here so you may be Diss appointed.

Geoff: My brother used to work for EMI and "discovered" Paul Young and the Street Band. I'm really sorry about that.

JonnyG: That is wot I wroted myself thankyou JG!

llewtrah said...

Brilliant and so true. The cattle poo just isn't worth the sacrifice.

Rog said...

Llewtrah: They can just make do and mend with badger and hedgehog poo.