Friday, 24 April 2009

Meme of the Month

As a blogger I am of course notoriously reticent about talking about myself in this blog. I've never been tempted to participate in the dreaded Meme world of First Person Singular, preferring instead to muse on matters of Art and Science and the Human Condition.

However (what a brilliant word "however" is - a handbrake turn for narrative, just like the wonderful "suddenly's" in children's stories) I have today had an excellent idea for a new Meme which you are welcome to copy providing you send £1.75 in Royalty Payments via Paypal to the person at the top of the list (me, that is).

This Meme is called "Parallel Universes" - you have to choose another blogger from your roll and list 9 true things you have in common with that blogger - and 1 made up! Your readers then have to guess, providing they can stay awake long enough, which item is untrue! Brilliant eh? It's like a Kinder surprise...I get to talk about myself, another blogger gets to read about himself and everyone else gets a brain-tickling competition to enter!

Here's mine, and I'm going to choose ............ Dave!

Parallel Universes

1. We were both born and brung up in Gravesend, a town in North Kent which does exactly what it says on the tin.

2. We have both run the London Marathon.

3. We both shared our houses with much lamented labrador collie crosses.

4. We both have beards (not in the "Simon Cowell's Girlfriend" sense)

5. We both have connections with the Motorcycle Industry.

6. We both spent time in Lincoln and ended up in South Norfolk. (Reminds me of the Waterboys lyric "It started up in Fife and ended up in Tears".

7. We were both members of Mensa, along with Jimmy Saville and Gary "Nutter" Bushnell.
8. We have both had drink problems and are now completely teetotal, along with Jimmy Saville and Gary "Nutter" Bushnell.
9. We are both almost embarrassingly good looking.

10. We have both produced impressive erections in the corners of our gardens.


KAZ said...

Well - it can't possibly be no9 - so presumably one of you didn't produce an impressive erection.
And I know Dave did.

Did Jimmy Saville and Gary "Nutter" Bushnell not run the marathon then?.

Rog said...

So it was you on his blogmeet yesterday!

Anyway, the Photographic evidence of green arbors has appeared on both blogs today. Jimmy Saville is hidden under one of them.

Dave said...

Well, as far as I can see they're all true.

Dave said...

*So fame-shy he's had to change his blog identity (again)*

Timorous Beastie said...

Don't know who the other blogger is, but no. 9 is untrue: only you are embarrassingly good-looking.

Rog said...

Dave: Whatever happened to that cricket bloke?

Timorous: Wrong! We're both a couple of munters and whenever we hear sentence 9 the "ly good-looking" has been replaced by a full stop.

Geoff said...

I know for a fact that Gary Bushell's living room is his own pub and his only drink problem is deciding which drink to have.

And I saw you both on the Weston Motocross Championships on Sky the other night, bouncing over the dunes so I know you're both two wheel nuts.

So I think it's number 8. I'll buy you a pint if I'm wrong.

Christopher Campbell-Howes said...

On this question of garden erections, am I the only one to wonder about orientation? More information, please. Otherwise, a conditional 9.

Dave said...

Rog: if you don't tell them about your orientation, I won't.

Dave said...

Nor will I mention the interesting new pressure group you've started on Facebook.

Rog said...

Geoff: I can't believe you caught us bouncing over June's. I think you may be due a round, but as one of us doesn't drink it'll be a cheap one. Hic!

Christopher: Both our green oriental temple structures have been feng shuied. Dave's faces East, obviously.

Dave: I hope you are referring to this important campaign

Sarah said...

Can't play...have insider knowledge

Rog said...

Sarah: You've seen him knocking back the cans of Special Brew and falling off his Arbor then?

zIggI said...

I don't believe any of it!

Rog said...

Thank you for quoting alphabetically Ziggi.

No 9 is the correct answer as Dave is pure and clean and I'm an old wino.