Monday, 20 April 2009

Spring Messages

This morning the sun was breaking through the clouds, the birds were twittering ... that's apart from a couple of Blackbirds who were sticking firmly to blogging as they felt restricted artistically by the rigid format of 140 characters.

I took this picture of a sparrow who was still undecided.


Dave said...

You don't see many sparrows these days.

I hardly see any birds, as my garden is pestered by neighbouring cats. Perhaps I could borrow one of your dogs for a few days.

Rog said...

Yes Dave, Oz & Lily would do the trick. Sadly, like the introduction of the grey squirrel to control the red, the balance of nature would soon become distorted as Oz would set up a no-fly-zone for birds as well.

Liz said...

I don't see many birds, apart from Magpies, around my way either. The people next door to me used to have five cats, but appear to have lost at least two. There are loads of others in the locality though.

I sometimes hear a bit of bird song, but sadly not often. The smaller birds stand no chance really - if the local cats don't get them, then the Magpies will raid their nests anyway.

Nice to see some spring sunshine though, isn't it?

Christopher Campbell-Howes said...

How kind and thoughtful of you to put up a fence for undecided birds to perch on. So many other people would have built walls, grown beech hedges, put up barbed wire entanglements, installed electronic no-gos, ha-has etc.

The nightingales have arrived here, although we don't have any fences. Perhaps you sent them on?

Sir Bruin said...

"There was a sparrow on my window sill, pecking at the bread.
I smartly brought the window down and crushed it's bleedin' head."

Geoff said...

Blackbirds are wordy buggers and they don't mix well. Typical bloggers.

KAZ said...

I think that sparrow will end up doing both.
Come to think of it - he looks a bit like Geoff doesn't he?.

john.g. said...

Dave, neighbouring cats can be easily deterred with an air rifle!

Rog, if you want some Sparrows, we have loads!

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Oh that would be good to read wouldn't it "Am on branch. Now flying to another branch. Seen worm, must fly."

Read your last post, glad I missed that one, it sounded tedious!

Rog said...

Liz: I hope you see the magpies in twos. The sun took 2 hours to get from Dave's to here - must have been Monday morning traffic.

Christopher: Those birds are the liberal democrats. Oz would sail straight over a ha-ha, although normally the ha-ha's sail straight over him!

Sir B: I think I say that Sparrow on "You've been Framed". I'm ringing the RSPB.

Geoff: They're always singing at the dead of night. I think I'll grab a couple of dozen and make a pie!

Kaz: He has got a sort of wet-blanket look. I thought it was Edith P. F.

John: I prefer a catapault myself. Those Sparrows are always breaking wind at unearthly hours.

Reasons: I found myself counting your letters to check that it was a feasible Twitter. Am I going mad?!!! (Hello and Welcome by the Way!)

zIggI said...

Are sparrows really rare and undecided up your way? The ones round here seem to know what to do and there's plenty of them - don't see any sitting on the fence. And that's despite having two useless cats.

Richard said...

I have 4 regular cat visitors to my garden yet I have loads of birds, including loads of sparrows - I've counted 22 at one sitting. I've a pair of wrens who've been visiting for the year I've been in there and also a couple of pigeons who sit on my fence most of the day (did you know they french kiss before getting down to it?). There's even a goldcrest. Occasionally the cats get one of them but it doesn't happen often. I was strimming the lawn last week and disturbed a very large frog. Where he'd come from, I haven't a clue because nobody nearby has a pond. All of this twittering and not a single sightin of Stephen Fry

Rog said...

Ziggi: All cats are useless!

Richard: Too much pigeon info there Richard! The large Frog was probably eyeing up one of the Wrens.