Sunday, 10 May 2009

2009 Turner Prize

This year's Turner Prize apparently features old fashioned stuff like paintings.

Since 1991 it was "decided to restrict the Prize to artists under fifty, so that younger artists just setting out weren't pitted against artists at the height of their careers."

Bugger. I've just finished six month's work on an INSTALLATION which I consider to be definitive but as I am at the height of my artistic career I can't submit it. It deals with the issues of relationships in 21st Century Britain and demonstrates that we only have to look through any window to see the sadness of unrequited love, of two beings performing the sacred courtship dance of destiny which is always headed for the buffers of desire.



Dave said...

I thought I had the copywrite on showing photos of the back garden.

Tim Footman said...

Dogs are silly, aren't they?

Sarah said...

I particularly like the juxtaposition of the swirly gig and the fencing...very strong.

What on earth does Mariella Fostrup know about art anyway....does winning 'sexiest voice' poll give her an insight do you think?

KAZ said...

Forget the Turner.
With phrases like 'two beings performing the sacred courtship dance of destiny which is always headed for the buffers of desire' you should go for the Booker.

Rog said...

Dave: Don't you mean Copyright? *breathes on nails and polishes them on lapel*

Tim: Yes they are in a Pavlovian way.

Sarah: But what of the dog's movements when you pressed the play button? (I picked them up afterwards)

Kaz: I used to go down to that Wholesaler for supplies of Tea driving my sports car. It was a case of "Booker Tea and the MG".

Dave said...

I write stuff, you can't copy it, because I have the copywrite. I also write religious services (I write rite) and own the right of copyrite to the rite I write. Right?

Rog said...

Dave: Shouldn't you be building a wall?

Sarah said...

I didn't feel the dogs movements were entirely all your own work.....feel free to correct my spelling

john.g. said...

It would be good if it worked!

Betty said...

You need to run that film on a continuous loop that goes on for several days for it be taken seriously as a work of art. Oh, and put it in a room full of workmen's benches and half empty tins of paint. That sort of thing will get you a run at the Tate Modern.

zIggI said...

call that a lawn?!

Christopher Campbell-Howes said...


*Slaps brow in frustration*

Why can't I download the flaming thing? Isn't it licensed for export?

Rog said...

Sarah: It's a motion picture.

John: These dogs don't "work". How dare you!

Betty: Sadly fairly near the truth I'll venture!

Ziggi: We don't get the rain out here. And we get a lot of moles.

Christopher: It's still working. I'll have to remake a French version in black and white with a bit more moodiness.