Thursday, 28 May 2009

Tips for Heeby Jeeby Owners No 1

If you own a Petit Griffon Basset Vendeen ( PBGV ) this is a series of hard-won tips which may assist you in handling this unique brand of four-wheel-drive off-road hounds.

As you know, the PBGV name is one which is completely descriptive of appearance (like Gordon "Brown" or Douglas "Hogg" for example). In this case PBGV describes the breed exactly : petit (small) , basset (low), griffon (rough-coated) and Vendéen (for its area of origin in France). The accent "é" , like the breed, is acute one.

I say completely. It should actually be P.B.G.V.T.D. with the addition of two more adjectives - "Tenacious" and "Doolally". As a scent Hound she is so totally focussed on any important scent such as deer, rabbit or squirrel that she will follow blindly at 50 m.p.h. until she falls over with exhaustion in a wood somewhere in an adjacent County.

That is why this first tip is very important to PBGV owners who might otherwise never be able to let their dog run off their lead.

If you you want to see your PBGV running free and unleashed as nature intended, here's what to do:

"Take a photograph of the hound on the end of a long extending lead, then using the Photoshop "clone" tool remove visual trace of the lead in the comfort of your home whilst your PBGV sits looking lovingly up at you from your lap."

That's the only way you will achieve this look!


Dave said...

You'll just have to cycle faster, Rog.

Sarah said...

PBGV's sound as mental as Patterdale terriers....who wants a dull Lab anyway.

Richard said...

I'm pretty certain Milo is of similar demeanour.

KAZ said...

Shouldn't it be Petite?
Can she use her 'scent hound skills' to find her way back to your Brut or Hai Karate?

Geoff said...

Couldn't you have photoshopped in a wildebeest for her to chase?

Rog said...

Dave: Lance Armstrong couldn't keep up with La Lil.

Sarah: I seem to remember a Lab round here who had a much wittier blog at least.

Richard: Lil says "Ready for my Close-up Mr de Milo".

Kaz: She didn't want to be confused with the famous blogger Petite Anglais. Brut or Hai Karate - that's so very 1970's!

Geoff: There's a zoo about 5 miles from here so I'm always expecting to see something more exotic emerging from the undergrowth one day.

Z said...

My mother had a greyhound who behaved like that. An extending lead is little use for a greyhound, who reaches the end of it in three strides and then collapses and yelps, believing he has been strangled. We had to let him run free and then search Norfolk and Suffolk. Lily is a great deal cuter and acuter.

Christopher Campbell-Howes said...

PVGB Tips? Never tried that. Makes sergeant-major's tea, does it?

Rog said...

Z: A greyhound! We have a friend with a lurcher who was always setting off after deer. They've no sense, dogs!

Christopher: How long has that joke been brewing?! She's off watching PBGVCBB's now.

john.g. said...

I was rather hoping to see Gordon 'I'm a twat Brown' running into the distance!