Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Warding Off Ginger Groups

Election Fever has reached a new pitch of excitement as yet another leaflet comes through the door. The joke is that the European Parliament for which votes are required makes the Westminster expenses gravy train look like an Oxo Cube on the back of a Farish N Gauge Class 57xx Locomotive with a Tender behind. Which is what all major party leaders will have shortly.

Oz feigns disinterest as Lily checks out the small print in the local manifestos.

I wonder why voting areas are called "wards"?

I suppose there is a connection with hospitals. Governments are quite like a Hospitals... you lie there powerless to do anything whilst lots of palliative drugs and some occasional surgery is administered.

And the Government does spend a fortune on consultants.

Our ward is appositely named. Guiltcross.


Scarlet-Blue said...

Hazel Blears, bike chick extraodinaire. Now she's got the chopper.

Rog said...

Hello Scarlet! Here she comes, reddy or not, the Blearite Bike Chick Midget!

Scarlet-Blue said...

Btw, I'm not ginger.. I know there have been rumours.

Sir Bruin said...

Some people just give us bikers a bad name.

Dave said...

Is there an election? Will they pay my expenses to get to the polling station, or perhaps to rent a second house slightly closer?

Malc said...

There's something deeply disturbing about that Blears picture - I'll never watch Easy Rider in the same way again. And I really hate those Japanese wannabe Harleys.

I'm off out to become one of 46 people voting Scottish Socialist - no idea who the candidates are, it seems we're only supposed to vote for a party list for our half-dozen MEPs. That's what I call staying in touch with the people.

Liz said...

There's something deeply disturbing about Hazel Blears generally.

What's wrong with Japanese wannabe Harleys? Sir Bruin's got one. It doesn't make such a nice noise as a Harley, but it's far more reliable.

Mind you - even a Harley is more reliable than the government.

Rog said...

Scarlett: There's nothing wrong with ginger. Apart from Chris Evans of course.

Sir B: At least her constituencey is saddled with her.

Dave: Yes and,

Malc: I think Hazel's a wannabe Hurley. Do you have to trudge 18 miles through snow to vote as well?

Liz: Armchairs on wheels! My BSA 250 just glides along as if it was on a pool of oil. Hang on a minute...

Sir Bruin said...

I'm going to have to join in on the side of the Japanese Wannabe Harleys (bugger politics- let's talk bikes). Granted that nothing sounds like a Harley (assuming they have the obligatory after market pipes and carbs), but price, build quality and reliability come with the Wannabes.

zIggI said...

I'm going to vote for the Queen.

Geoff said...

I presume Oz will be voting in favour of the European Union. And Lily says "Non!"

Richard said...

I have actually voted. To be honest, I don't know who my local MEP is and I care even less. I don't suppose I'll ever find out who wins unless it's the fascists and it gets on the wireless.

john.g. said...

The sooner out of the EU the better!

KAZ said...

Lily has the perfect hairstyle for a Labour MP.
Just got back from voting and I was in line behind Phil (not Nige) from Early Doors.
How Exciting.

Christopher Campbell-Howes said...

We vote on Sunday. The lovely J. and I are Nos. 1 and 2 on the local electoral roll. They've done this so that we can't conveniently hide in the massive abstention bush.

Billy said...

I'm in the bent ward: Askew.

Rog said...

Sir B: I still think you should get a Punto with a CD player.

Ziggi: Her election manifesto is on every note!

Geoff: Being French, Lily is in favour when she's being given biscuits.

Richard: I voted this morning and it reminded me of the 11-plus (an older reader reference). I nearly voted for "Animals First" but thought I'd better check their credentials first.

John: I'm ambivalent about brussels. Peas, yes.

Kaz: Can I have your autograph? Crime won't crack itself you know!

Christopher: You voted for Bush?!!! Shame on you. I didn't realise you lived with the late Patrick McGoohan.

Billy: Well I Askew!!!